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Careers in Telecom, Datacom & Networking

Companies in this industry include manufacturers of communications infrastructure equipment such as networking switchers, routers, and hubs and wireless basestation or satellite equipment.

Articles discussing opportunities, technical requirements, and design challenges for power electronics engineers in the Telecom, Datacom, and Networking industries:

High-Speed Systems Pose Many Power Design Challenges
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, February 2012

For many designers, there are growing challenges in the design of power supplies for high-speed circuits. I recently spoke with Steve Sandler about the issues power designers need to consider when powering RF and high-speed digital circuits. As a chief engineer with AEi Systems, Sandler has developed extensive expertise in the design and analysis of both power and RF systems. Sandler is also the managing director of Picotest, a company specializing in precision test equipment, and as such he raises many issues that concern test and measurement of both power and RF systems. In this article, we discuss Sandler’s list of the top 10 considerations for power designers working with RF or high-speed digital applications. (See pages 44-46 of the source PDF.) Read the full article»

Power Design Remains Core Competence in Satellite Industry
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, November 2011

For satellite manufacturers, power system design is still considered a core competency too vital to the product’s success to delegate to others. Their equipment must operate in the hostile environment of space for well over a decade without faults or failures that would result in satellite downtime. A satellite’s power system must be optimized for highest efficiency and lowest power losses, in large part to minimize the system’s size and mass. One engineer who has a bird’s eye view of all the design challenges is Robert Lyon, a systems engineering manager at Space Systems/Loral. Lyon’s descriptions of the issues that drive power system design for satellites illustrate why there continue to be opportunities for power electronics engineers in this field.(See pages 46-49 of the source PDF.) Read the full article»

HP Employs Multiple Disciplines and Collaborative Approach To Optimize Power Utilization Across The Data Center
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, March 2011

The quest for more energy-efficient data centers profoundly affects the way IT equipment, software, and systems are developed. At IT equipment companies such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), energy and power consumption issues are being addressed across all the different levels of product development. In this installment of Power Supply Jobs & Technology, engineering executives in HP’s Enterprise Business division, describe how the quest for greater energy efficiency creates varied opportunities for engineers with power electronics (PE) expertise, how PE engineers within HP require different backgrounds and skillsets to enable collaboration, and how technical requirements have been changing. The HP executives also discuss some steps their company is taking to meet staffing challenges.  Read the full article»

Communications Field Calls On Analog Designers and Power Specialists
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, November 2010

In the communications field as in other industries, many companies have jettisoned their power supply design teams and outsourced their work. These companies still need some hardware designers who can address power supply issues, but their design responsibilities tend to be broader than just power. Moreover, the de-emphasis of power supply design within the communications equipment companies has placed more of the burden of power design on the shoulders of the power supply and IC vendors, which may lead to greater opportunities for power electronics engineers at those companies. In this article, I discuss these trends and their implications with two engineering recruiters. (See pages 57-59 of source PDF.) Read the full article»

Networking Giant Still Understands The Value Of Power Electronics Engineers
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, November 2010

It’s said that many companies in the telecom and datacom industry no longer have dedicated power supply teams, or if they do—their size has been reduced considerably from years past. But at least one networking equipment manufacturer still maintains a sizable staff of engineers devoted to power electronics. That company is Cisco Systems. I recently spoke with the manager of one of Cisco’s power engineering teams about the type of work his engineers do and what his team looks for when filling new positions.  Read the full article»

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