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Careers in Computing

Companies in this industry include manufacturers of laptops, PCs, servers and peripheral equipment.

Articles discussing opportunities, technical requirements, and design challenges for power electronics engineers in the Computing industry:

HP Employs Multiple Disciplines and Collaborative Approach To Optimize Power Utilization Across The Data Center
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, March 2011

The quest for more energy-efficient data centers profoundly affects the way IT equipment, software, and systems are developed. At IT equipment companies such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), energy and power consumption issues are being addressed across all the different levels of product development. In this installment of Power Supply Jobs & Technology, engineering executives in HP’s Enterprise Business division, describe how the quest for greater energy efficiency creates varied opportunities for engineers with power electronics (PE) expertise, how PE engineers within HP require different backgrounds and skillsets to enable collaboration, and how technical requirements have been changing. The HP executives also discuss some steps their company is taking to meet staffing challenges.  Read the full article»

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