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Careers in Lighting

Companies in this industry include manufacturers of lighting equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Articles discussing opportunities, technical requirements, and design challenges for power electronics engineers in the lighting equipment industry:

The Promise of Solid-State Lighting Depends On the Prowess of Power Electronics Engineers
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, May 2011

Lighting manufacturers and others involved in the development of solid-state lighting (SSL) or LED lighting are working to accelerate the acceptance of SSL in both markets. They’re doing so through their efforts to drive down the cost of LED replacement bulbs, while also developing new styles of cost-competitive lighting products that more fully take advantage of the LED’s unique optical, electrical, and mechanical properties. One aspect of driving down the cost of LED lighting is reducing the expense associated with the LED driver circuit. I recently spoke with engineering executives from two lighting companies about this and other technical challenges they face in the development of power electronics (PE) for LED lighting. (See pages 45-47 of the source PDF.) Read the full article»

Lighting Company Takes a Shine to Power Electronics Engineers
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, February 2010

If you prefer dealing with human resources managers who don’t have a clue about power electronics, and can’t tell a power supply designer apart from any other EE, then please stay away from Maureen Crawford. And if you’re comfortable with HR personnel who have difficulty stifling a yawn as they skim your resume, then steer clear of Crawford. She’s just going to be too interested in your resume and how you might help her company solve the next lighting-design challenge. For more on opportunities for power electronics engineers in lighting, read the rest of the story.  Read the full article»

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