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Companies in this industry include manufacturers of medical equipment for home, office, laboratory or hospital use.

Articles discussing opportunities, technical requirements, and design challenges for power electronics engineers in the Medical equipment industry:

Ultrasound Poses Ultimate Test of Low-Noise Design Skills
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, October 2011

As in many other industries, companies in the medical equipment field that once designed and built their own ac-dc power supplies, now turn to power supply and contract manufacturers to develop and produce them. However, in these applications, the task of power design does not end with specification of the ac-dc supply, as there are significant power conversion challenges at the board-level. Examples of these challenges can be found in ultrasound imaging equipment where designers face exceptionally tough requirements for noise control in a product one industry expert describes as “the world’s most sensitive receiver.” This article discusses how the requirement for low noise influences many aspects of power design in ultrasound equipment. (See pages 46-49 of the source document.) Read the full article»

Medical Power Supply Vendors Rely on General Practitioners to Craft Their Products
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, October 2010

As medical applications for electronics expand, the requirements for medical - grade power supplies also grow. According to market analysts, ac-dc power supplies for medical applications account for approximately S455 million to $640 million in worldwide revenue with somewhere around 4% growth in this revenue expected over the next few years. Although this growth rate is not spectacular, it is considered steady and said to be higher than other segments of the industrial power supply market. However, power supply manufacturers must confront the challenges of shrinking profit margins for medical power supplies. This article discusses the impact of industry trends on opportunities and requirements for designers of medical-grade power supplies. (See pages 64-66 of source PDF.) Read the full article»

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