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Careers in Military/Aerospace

Companies in this industry include manufacturers of defense-related equipment, planes, rockets, and other aerospace equipment.

Articles discussing opportunities, technical requirements, and design challenges for power electronics engineers in the Military/Aerospace industry:

Power Design Remains Core Competence in Satellite Industry
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, November 2011

For satellite manufacturers, power system design is still considered a core competency too vital to the product’s success to delegate to others. Their equipment must operate in the hostile environment of space for well over a decade without faults or failures that would result in satellite downtime. A satellite’s power system must be optimized for highest efficiency and lowest power losses, in large part to minimize the system’s size and mass. One engineer who has a bird’s eye view of all the design challenges is Robert Lyon, a systems engineering manager at Space Systems/Loral. Lyon’s descriptions of the issues that drive power system design for satellites illustrate why there continue to be opportunities for power electronics engineers in this field.(See pages 46-49 of the source PDF.) Read the full article»

Mil/Aerospace Industry: A Unique Environment For Power Electronics Engineers
By David G. Morrison, Editor,, May 2010

Reliability is a factor in the design of any power supply. If the power supply fails, the system goes down. In some applications, a system failure might merely cause inconvenience or a loss of business. But in military and aerospace applications, a failure of the power system could be life-threatening, or endanger the mission. So given its critical role in these applications, it’s natural that the associated power electronics design jobs present unique engineering challenges as well as unique hiring challenges. Engineers with design experience in power electronics will be better equipped to take advantage of opportunities in this industry, if they understand the employers’ requirements and expectations.  Read the full article»

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