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ISSUE: September 2009 

MOSFET Reduces On-Resistance in Tiny CSP

Fabricated in Fairchild Semiconductor’s PowerTrench process, the FDZ371PZ 20-V p-channel MOSFET claims to offer the industry’s lowest RDS(ON) (75 mΩ at -4.5 V) in a 1-mm x 1-mm WL-CSP package (Figure). For perspective, a comparable p-channel MOSFET currently on the market specifies 100 mΩ RDS(ON) at the same gate voltage. “We have used our latest gate-trench technology together with our design and layout experience to design and manufacture a MOSFET with industry-leading RDS(ON) at all of the required drive levels,” says Phil Brace, Fairchild Semiconductor’s director of marketing for portable MOSFET products.

With its low on-resistance, the FDZ371PZ improves efficiency and extends battery life for portable designs. Target applications include battery charging and management, load switching, and battery protection in cell phones, medical, portable and consumer applications.

The MOSFET also provides a robust 4.4 kV of ESD protection as determined using the human body model (HBM). According to Brace, this level of protection surpasses industry requirements in the target applications.

Another differentiator for this MOSFET is its extremely low profile of 0.4 mm (when mounted), which the company achieves using a combination of wafer thinning and reduced solder-ball size. Such a thin component is a potential enabler of new applications in products such as smart cards or slide-in card modules for cell phones or PCs. Pricing is $0.30 each in quantities of 1000.

Fig The FDZ371PPZ p-channel MOSFET claims the industry lowest on-resistance in a 1-mm x 1-mm wafer-level chipscale package.

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