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ISSUE: September 2009 

Cooling Fans Generate Extreme Air Pressure

Jaro Thermal has added two new sizes to its ultra-high-static pressure Revolution series of brushless dc fans. The new sizes specifically address the market's increasing demand for maximum performance, capability, lower power consumption, and specific size. The 140-mm x 140-mm x 51-mm tops out at 316 CFM with 0.83 inches of static pressure and the 120-mm x 120-mm x 38-mm delivers 262 CFM with 1.2 inches of static pressure.

When tested at 3600 rpm over a 0- to 300-CFM range of airflow, the 140-mm x 140-mm x 51-mm Jaro fan achieved equal or greater static pressure than a comparable competitor’s unit. The performance advantage for Jaro was mainly in the 200- to 300-CFM range where the Jaro fan exhibited roughly 5 mm of greater pressure than the competitor’s model. Similarly, when tested at 6000 RPM over a similar range of airflow, the 120-mm x 120-mm x 38-mm Jaro fan achieved equal or greater static pressure than a competitor’s model. In this case, the Jaro fan’s performance advantage appeared over the 100- to 275-CFM range and amounted to roughly 0 to 5 mm of higher pressure.

Fig. Revolution series fans combine a superior fixed-blade design
with a slick air-guiding frame to maximize static pressure while also optimizing air flow.


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