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Articles in this section relate to power conversion in:

  • Defibrillators
  • Glucose monitors

Also see Battery Powered and Portable Products

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Power Supply Design Considerations For Patient Monitoring Patches03/15/22
Modular Power Supplies Save Cost, Speed Product Development For Medical Applications12/15/21
Highly Efficient LED Driver Tackles COVID But Also Benefits Lighting Applications08/14/20
More-Efficient Boost Converter Extends Battery Life For Wearable Medical Patches02/14/20
Multi-Output Fly-Buck Regulator Offers Wide VIN, Isolation And Low EMI09/15/16
Wide Voltage Trim Power Supplies: The Benefits Of Linear Supplies Without The Drawbacks08/15/16
Medical AC-DC Power Supplies Are Becoming More Specialized01/15/16
Selecting Power Supplies for Medical Equipment Designs10/16/15
Testing power supplies for medical applications08/10/15
Infrared Light-Based Battery Charging And Communications May Improve Convenience And Robustness Of Implantable Medical Devices06/15/15
Raising The Bar For Flyback Primary-Side Regulation: Enabling Accurate CV-CC Solutions From 5 W To 150 W10/15/14
Demystifying PSRR Specifications For LDOs10/15/13
Techniques For Implementing A Positive And Negative Output Voltage For Industrial And Medical Equipment10/25/12
Powering medical ultrasound imaging07/31/12
Add A Black Box To Your Big (Or Small) Box06/24/11
Medical power supplies: trends, challenges and design approaches06/01/09
How to Design a Simple Isolated Power Supply 03/13/09
What to look for in a medical power supply03/01/09
Tame Switching Supply Noise While Maintaining Efficiency12/11/08
Low Noise, High Voltage DC/DC Converters10/02/08
Versatile TFT LCD Bias Supply and White LED Driver in a 4mm x 4mm QFN05/01/08
Expedite Transformer Calculations for Flybacks01/01/08
Evolving Standards Reshape Medical Power Supplies04/01/07
EMI Considerations in Selecting AC/DC Switching Power Supplies 09/01/05
Measure Battery Capacity Precisely in Medical Design01/01/05
Power Transformer Attenuates Harmonics10/01/04
EMI and Power Supplies in Medical Electronics02/01/97

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