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  • AC motor drives
  • Servo motor drives

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Smart Gate Driver IC Simplifies Motor Drive Design In Battery-Powered Applications09/15/21
Safety On The Bench: Hazards And Precautions In The Power Electronics Lab04/15/21
A Quick Way To Determine Power Supply Output Resistance11/16/20
Increasing Power Density In Three-Phase Inverters With Direct-Cooled SiC Power Modules10/15/20
PFC (Part 2): How Current Harmonics Cause Distortion And The Role of the Delta-Wye Transformer03/13/20
Design Platform Combines Ready-To-Use Motor Control Algorithm With Application-Oriented Enhancements12/13/19
Dynamic Motor Power Measurement Enables In-Vehicle Testing Of EVs10/15/19
Random PWM Quiets Noise And Reduces Emissions In Three-Phase Inverter Applications10/15/18
Dynamic Torque Measurement Reveals True Electric Machine Characteristics09/14/18
Boost Converter Optimizes Motor Performance In Battery-Powered Applications08/16/18
Accelerate Motor Mapping And Drivetrain Analysis With Advanced Power Analyzer07/16/18
Power Stage Strategies For Motor Control In Home Appliance Design 03/21/18
Rapid Prototyping Platform Eases Development Of Grid-Connected Converters09/15/17
Optimize Power MOSFET Performance In Motor Drive Designs 07/15/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 16): Torque, Speed, Position, And Direction Sensing05/16/17
Programmable Devices Implement Highly Accurate Optical Tachometer04/17/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 15): Low-Pass And Harmonic Filtering Of Power Measurements04/17/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 14): Power Measurements On Distorted Signals03/15/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 13): Motor Drive Control Architectures And Algorithms02/17/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 12): Variable Frequency Motor Drives01/16/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 11): AC And DC Motor Types12/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 10): Motor Background11/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 9): Power Semiconductors As Implemented In Power Conversion Systems10/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 8): Power Semiconductors09/15/16
Open HW/SW Platform Accelerates Development Of Control Solutions For Power Electronics08/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 7): Power Calculations In Three-Phase Systems08/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 6): AC Line Power Calculations07/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 5): Three-Phase AC Line Current And Winding Configurations06/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 4): Single-Phase AC Line Current05/16/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 3): Three-Phase AC Line Voltage04/18/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 2): Single-Phase AC Line Voltage03/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 1): What New Design Engineers Need To Know02/16/16
Don't Throw That Switch Yet! First Steps In A Large Inverter Design04/15/15
Practical Power Flow Controller Brings Benefits Of Power Electronics To The Grid03/13/15
Model-Based Design Streamlines Embedded Motor Control System Development01/15/15
Mission IGBT: Understanding And Specifying IGBT Modules12/15/14
Inductance-Measuring Algorithms Speed Start Up Of Sensorless BLDC Motors08/15/14
Modular Solution Simplifies Design Of PFC Front-End For Inverters In Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems01/16/14
Enhanced Web Tool Speeds IGBT Selection, Matching Device To The Application04/15/13
The Truth about Amps Rating in Motor Controller Chips and Systems09/09/12
Non-Dissipative Control Saves Power And Cost In Stepper Motor Applications08/30/12
IGBT Devices And Modules Evolve To Address Inverter Design Challenges In Electric And Hybrid-Electric Vehicles06/29/12
Selecting A DSP Controller For Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Drives 04/30/12
System-On-Chip Architecture Raises Performance Of Microstepping Motor Driver Designs01/27/12
New Hardware-in-the-Loop Platform for Rapid Development of High-Reliability EV and HEV Propulsion Drives11/01/11
MOSFET Package Technology Enhances Performance Of Motor Drives05/27/11
Current Flow Analysis in Permanent Magnet Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Control Using PSpice12/16/10
Integrating Statistics and Manufacturing Data into Simulation of Permanent Magnet Motor Drives07/30/10
Methods measure power electronics efficiency07/29/10
Comprehensive Flux Estimator Implementation Procedures For Advanced Control Of Inverter-Fed Induction Machines06/29/10
With a Few Mouse Clicks to an Efficient Motor Control Design02/01/09
Benefits of Design Software, Boundary Element Method can reduce computational and modeling times01/01/09
Use PWM To Maintain Motor Speed And Phase While Eliminating Loop Filter05/22/08
Add Fail-Safe Shoot-Through Protection To Power MOSFET03/13/08
Relays eliminate high-voltage noise09/13/07
Control Multiple Stepper Motors Through A PC's USB Port08/02/07
Microcontroller drives H bridge to power a permanent-magnet dc motor03/15/07
DSCs Enable Field-Oriented Control for Washer Motors03/01/07
Vacuum cleaner with Philips P89LPC90108/10/06
Sensorless Motor Control Simplifies Washer Drives06/01/06
ICs Protect IGBTs and Sense Currents in Motor Drives04/01/05
Sensorless Control For PMDC Motors02/01/05
Sic Puts New Spin On Motor Drives01/01/05
High-Side Switch for Motors and Lamps09/01/04
Evaluation System Revs Up Design for Motor Driver ICs06/01/04
Circuit makes simple high-voltage inverter05/27/04

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