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  • Designing for high temperature operation

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High-Temperature Capacitors Push Performance To 200°C And Beyond03/15/22
Thermocouple And Conditioning Circuits Enable Accurate Temperature Monitoring Over Wide Range10/16/17
Film Capacitors For High Temperature Switches And Power Electronics Applications Above 125°C*10/15/15
High Heat Circuits—PCB Design for High-Temperature Applications02/19/14
Tips For Applying POL Converters In Downhole A nd Other Harsh Environments03/15/13
How high-TJ TRIACs benefit your applications09/12/12
UPS Operation Must Be Consistent With Its Environment08/01/12
Exploiting the high temperature promise of SiC04/03/12
Operation of a New Half-Bridge Gate Driver for Enhancement-Mode GaN FETs, Type LM5113, Over a Wide Temperature Range12/01/11
Designing Power Converters For 100°C+ Environments: Why Use 225°C-Rated Power Components?08/31/11
Component Aging Is Primary Hurdle In Design Of High-Temperature Power Converters08/31/11
Lost in Space: Unpredictable Aging Can Send Resistor Accuracy Way Off Course05/27/10
Testing Military Grade Magnetics: Transformers, Inductors and Coils01/26/10
14W Off-line LED Driver, 120VAC, PFC, 14V, 1.0A Load02/26/09
14 W, LED Driver Power Supply With High Efficiency02/01/08
Stacked-Ceramic Caps Brave High Temperatures08/01/07
Design of a High Temperature Switched-Mode Power Supply Employing a V2 Control Mechanism05/15/06
Environmental Testing Benefits Power Electronics12/01/04
Printed Wiring Board Manufacturing Advances09/01/04
Power Supply Design Checklist01/01/01

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