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  • Designing for operation in high-radiation environments

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SEE Testing On GaN FETs—Interpreting Results For Space Power Applications04/15/22
Ruggedizing Buck Converters For Space And Other High Radiation Environments01/14/22
MOSFET Packaging Innovations For SWaP-Optimized Space Power Systems11/15/21
Predicting Mission Life Performance And Reliability Of Rad-Hard Power Electronics07/15/21
Rad Hard MOSFETs Enable Easy Upgrade Of Flight-Proven DC-DC Converter03/15/21
The Power Supply Designer’s Guide To Radiation Effects in Power Semiconductors06/15/20
Integrated Current Limiter Eases Power Protection In High-Voltage Space Applications12/13/19
How To Drive Rad Hard E-Mode GaN Transistors Efficiently And Safely11/15/19
The Unfortunate State of Power Integrity in Space Systems04/27/17
How to select a space-grade switching regulator12/08/16
Linear voltage regulator for space applications03/26/14
Rad Hard Processors And Power Converters Propel Intermediate Bus Architecture Into Space Applications01/17/13
Power Electronics for the Next Generation06/22/10
Reduce Circuit Zapping From Cosmic Radiation09/01/07
DC to DC Power Conversion09/25/06
Ideas on DC-DC Converters for Delivery of Low Voltage and High Currents for the SLHC/ILC Detector Electronics in Magnetic field and Radiation environments09/25/06
Evaluation and testing of advanced low-voltage power supplies09/25/06
Distributed Low Voltage Power Supply System for Front End Electronics of the TRT Detector in ATLAS Experiment09/25/06
Timeline of Power MOSFET Single Event Burnout Papers09/05/05
Neutron Induced Failure tests of 3300-V IGBTs for the Spallation Neutron Source Accelerator05/12/03

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