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The HOW2POWER Design Guide
Use this tool to search for articles, videos, application notes and other source materials on power conversion and power management topics.
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- Quasi-Resonant Vs. Resonant Operation—Which Has Better Power Utilization?
- Mobile App Eases Power Stage Design

It’s a search tool that offers convenient access to hundreds of articles on power conversion and power management topics. The Design Guide search results include exclusive article summaries and "how to" analysis to speed your search for information related to power supply and power system design.


In the January issue:

» Quasi-Resonant Vs. Resonant Operation—Which Has Better Power Utilization?

» Rad-Hard P-Channel FETs: A Simpler And More-Reliable Solution For Power Distribution In Space

» Do Eddy Current Effects And Self Heating Cause Distortion In Audio Cables?

» Focus On Magnetics:
Deploying Current Transformers In Current And Voltage Monitoring

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Editor’s picks:

Demystifying Three-Phase PFC Topologies

900-V GaN Power ICs Feature Low On-Resistance And Low Leakage

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Three Design Tricks to Reduce Switching Noise in PC Boards

The Benefits of Planar Magnetics in HF Power Conversion


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Payton Planar Magnetics

The Global Source for Environmentally Friendly Planar & Conventional Magnetics

Read about techniques for designing magnetic components such as inductors and transformers for power electronics applications.

Read about new magnetic components and technologies. Sponsored by Magnetics.

Find a consultant with magnetics design expertise.

Where To Find Custom Power Magnetics For Your Application (A source list of magnetics vendors.)

SiC & GaN

News about silicon carbide and gallium nitride power devices, suppliers, and related design information.

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Introduction to Motor Drives

Current Loop Control

Troubleshooting Distributed Power Systems

DC-DC Converters For Space

Power Supplies For Military & Defense Applications

Power Supplies for Industrial Applications

Power Supply Safety & Compliance

Power Supply EMI Anthology

Engineer's Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters

Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger   NEW 

Power IC News
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Find links to over 100 other websites with power electronics-related content.

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Read about the services and skills offered by consultants specializing in power electronics design.

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Articles about power electronics programs around the world.

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Industry Events Calendar

All About ECCE

 NEW  in FAE Confidential

Supporting The Design Engineer (Part 1): Life Before Covid

Coming in How2Power Today in February

  • Designing An Open-Source Power Inverter (Part 10): Converter Protection Circuits
  • 54-V to 12-V Flexible Fixed-Ratio Topology For Optimized Data Center Power Delivery
  • 48-V MHEV Design Challenges: Solving For EMI, Thermals, Quiescent Current And Isolation
  • Focus on Magnetics: Coupled Inductor Design


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Increase throughput and up-time of automated test equipment

Semiconductor manufacturers are placing greater demands on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) companies to design test systems that will meet the ever-increasing IC demand as quickly and reliably – and with as little added cost as possible. Learn how the Vicor modular approach to PDNs enables ATE manufacturers to readily scale power levels and support different voltages to enable rapid development and fast time-to-market.

Find out more.

More from Vicor:

Whitepaper: Power distribution network design for automated test equipment

Case Study: Increase Speed and Throughput of an Automated Test Station

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