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It’s a search tool that offers convenient access to hundreds of articles on power conversion and power management topics. The Design Guide search results include exclusive article summaries and "how to" analysis to speed your search for information related to power supply and power system design.
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HOW2POWER TODAY brings you in-depth reporting on the latest design techniques for power conversion, new components, and the employment outlook for power electronics engineers.


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In the Apr issue of HOW2POWER TODAY:

» Using A Four-Switch Buck-Boost Bidirectional DC-DC Converter For Battery Backup Applications

» Zero-Drift Precision Op Amps: Measuring And Eliminating Aliasing For More Accurate Current Sensing

» How Ulta-Low IQ Boost Converters Extend IoT Device Runtime

» Configurable IC Simplifies Control Of Animated LED Turn Signals

» Focus On Magnetics:
How To Optimize Turns For Maximum Inductance With Core Saturation

» Spotlight On Safety & Compliance:
Pre-Compliance Testing Is Necessary For All Products

and more…

From the Editors Desk (Mar Newsletter)

The APEC 2019 conference held last month in Anaheim drew a record 6200+ attendees to discuss a broad array of issues in power electronics. That so many participated is testament to the hard work that has gone into building this event over the years and to the vibrancy of the industry. For several years now, wide-bandgap semiconductors have had a high profile at the conference and each year there are more signs that SiC and GaN power devices are entering the mainstream…  Read more»

Advice To Power Supply Designers (Part 2): The High-Performance Semiconductor Vendor Brings Value

by P.S. Wacher, Semiconductor Industry Veteran

In part 1, the author discussed how engineers working at power supply companies can identify the “needy” component vendors, who tend to waste the engineer’s time, compete almost solely on price and don’t offer much in the way of leading technology or service. While it’s important to recognize and avoid such vendors, it’s equally important that designers be able to identify those vendors who do bring value and help the customers design and build better products. In this part 2 article, the author describes the characteristics of these high-performance or preferred vendors and how they work with customers.   Read the full story »

SiC & GaN

This section brings you news of Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride developments along with related design information, supplier data, book reviews, and technology roadmaps.

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If you’re looking for a practical introduction to the field of motor drives, Ken Johnson’s extensive series explains the basics of all aspects of motor drive operation. This overview aims to fill in the gaps in other sources.

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Payton Planar Magnetics

The Global Source for Environmentally Friendly Planar & Conventional Magnetics

Read about techniques for designing magnetic components such as inductors and transformers for power electronics applications. Sponsored by Triad.

Read about new magnetic components and technologies. Sponsored by Pulse Electronics.

Find a consultant with magnetics design expertise.

Where To Find Custom Power Magnetics For Your Application (A source list of magnetics vendors with details about what they offer.)

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The subject of power integrity (PI) concerns the design, analysis and testing of components and systems for the purpose of accurate and reliable delivery of voltage and current from the voltage regulators across power distribution networks (PDNs) to complex and sensitive loads in electronic systems. The challenges of designing modern, high-speed electronic systems are making it increasingly important for engineers to understand PI.

This month: The Relentless Progression Of Power Supply Requirements
by Ken Coffman
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"Current-Loop Control In Switching Converters," a seven-part article series by Dennis Feucht of Innovatia Laboratories, Cayo, Belize was published in the September 2011 through March 2012 issues of HOW2POWER TODAY.

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In this 8-part video series, Steve Sandler discusses essential concepts, relationships and test methods needed to identify and correct stability, noise and EMI issues in electronic components and systems.

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Graduate programs offering specialized training in power electronics provide new engineers with the educational foundation for working in a range of industries. They also conduct fundamental research paving the way for development of more advanced power semiconductors, power converters, and power systems. The articles in this section provide detailed overviews of power electronics programs around the world.

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Learn more about the wide array of resources available on other power electronics websites. Here you’ll find descriptions of relevant websites, organized into the following convenient categories: Blogs • Design Notes & Tools • Industry Organizations People • Jobs • Product Guides • Publications.

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A select list of design-oriented articles and videos discussing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) issues as related to power supply design.

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This section presents articles on Safety & Compliance relevant to both designers and users of power supply products. These articles discuss compliance requirements related to safety, electromagnetic compliance (EMC), energy efficiency, and other areas affecting power supply approvals regionally and globally for diverse applications and markets.

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This section presents information to help designers find rad hard dc-dc converters and voltage regulators for space applications such as satellites and spacecraft. This section covers both fully functional dc-dc converter modules as well as power ICs.

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This section presents information and resources to help designers select and evaluate power supplies for military and defense applications. This section covers both military-grade and COTS power supplies, off the shelf and custom.

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Learn about the unique aspects of the “foremost IEEE conference in the field of electrical and electromechanical energy conversion” and why you’ll want to participate in the upcoming ECCE 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Visit this section»


How2Power presents reviews of textbooks on various topics relating to power electronics and power conversion.

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Read about the services and skills offered by consultants specializing in power electronics design. As you’ll discover from viewing their entries, these consultants have years of experience in power conversion across a wide range of power levels, applications, and technologies. If you’re a manufacturer who needs help with power system design, these consultants are poised to tackle your most difficult design challenges.

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In conjunction with the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA), How2Power offers power supply design and power magnetics design technical publications.

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More Videos

Introduction to Non-Invasive Stability Measurement
In this video, Picotest’s Steve Sandler shows how to measure power supply control loop stability using the Bode 100 VNA via Output Impedance. This test does not break the loop and is more accurate than a Bode plot.
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HOW2POWER’s Events Calendar lists selected conferences, tradeshows, and workshops related directly or indirectly to power conversion. This listing includes a wide range of application or market-focused events where suppliers of power components or power supplies may be exhibiting, or where technical presentations related to power conversion may be presented.


Upcoming Events:

• 04/22/19 WEMCD
• 04/23/19 Battcon
• 04/23/19 ENTELEC
• 04/23/19 TTA
• 04/24/19 IWIPP
• 04/24/19 Electrical Safety Prevention through Design—Part 2: the Future is Already Here
• 05/01/19 DMEMS
• 05/06/19 ISPCE
• 05/07/19 EDS Summit
• 05/07/19 PCIM Europe
• 05/12/19 IEMDC
• 05/12/19 SCAPE
• 05/15/19 Expeditionary Power & Energy Summit
• 05/16/19 High Efficiency Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
• 05/19/19 Lightfair International
• 05/19/19 IPAC
• 05/19/19 ISPSD
• 05/20/19 Windpower
• 05/21/19 CWIEME Berlin
• 05/23/19 WiPDA Asia
• 05/26/19 Dgcon
• 05/29/19 Global Electric Power Tech
• 05/30/19 IEEE Workshop on Power Electronics and Power Quality Applications
• 05/31/19 PRECEDE
• 06/02/19 IMS

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