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- IC Simplifies Analog Control Of The Totem-Pole PFC Stage
- Empowering High-Voltage AC Applications With Monolithic GaN Bidirectional Switches

It’s a search tool that offers convenient access to hundreds of articles on power conversion and power management topics. The Design Guide search results include exclusive article summaries and "how to" analysis to speed your search for information related to power supply and power system design.


In the July issue:

» Stepdown Voltage Regulator With Reduced Input Current Ripple

» Designing An Open-Source Power Inverter (Part 6): Kilowatt Inverter Control Circuits

» Automotive MOSFETs Enhance Performance Of Power Distribution Systems

» Focus On Magnetics:
Transformer Design Pitfalls (Part 2): Demonstrating Stepup Difficulties

» Special Guest Commentary:
Increasing The Power Density Of DC Chargers Using GaN HEMT Devices

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Editor’s picks:

Transformer Design Pitfalls: Stepup Is Not As Easy As Stepdown

ECCE 2022 Tutorials Program Covers Many Timely Topics In Energy Conversion

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App Note: Double Pulse Test Evaluation Board for GaN Devices

App Note: Design considerations of Paralleled GaN HEMT


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Read about techniques for designing magnetic components such as inductors and transformers for power electronics applications.

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Where To Find Custom Power Magnetics For Your Application (A source list of magnetics vendors.)

SiC & GaN

News about silicon carbide and gallium nitride power devices, suppliers, and related design information.

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Introduction to Motor Drives

Current Loop Control

Troubleshooting Distributed Power Systems

DC-DC Converters For Space

Power Supplies For Military & Defense Applications

Power Supplies for Industrial Applications

Power Supply Safety & Compliance

Power Supply EMI Anthology

Engineer's Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters

Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger   NEW 

Power IC News
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Articles about power electronics programs around the world.

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Coming in How2Power Today in August

  • Stepdown Voltage Regulator With Reduced Input Current Ripple
  • Automotive MOSFETs Enable Safer Power Distribution Systems
  • Designing An Open-Source Power Inverter (Part 6): Control Circuit Design
  • Using Current Transformers For Galvanically Isolated Voltage Monitoring
  • Increasing The Power Density Of DC Chargers Using GaN HEMTs


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Vicor celebrates opening of world’s first “ChiP” fab in Massachusetts

State and local officials celebrated the opening of a new, state of the art Vicor power module manufacturing facility. The world’s first ChiP™ (Converter housed in Package) fabrication facility, or “ChiP fab” enables scalable, automated, cost-effective manufacturing of power modules in the United States.

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More from Vicor:

Power density driving the next generation of robotic functionality

Edge computing is enabling AI, machine learning and IoT applications

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