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  • Trains
  • Ships
  • Utility Applications

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Increasing Power Density In Three-Phase Inverters With Direct-Cooled SiC Power Modules10/15/20
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 15): Differential-Mode Input Filter Design10/15/20
A Flexible Design For Fast Charging Supercapacitors In Industrial Applications09/15/20
Highly Efficient LED Driver Tackles COVID But Also Benefits Lighting Applications08/14/20
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 13): Predicting the Common-Mode Conducted Noise Spectrum06/15/20
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 12): Predicting The Differential-Mode Conducted Noise Spectrum04/15/20
Power Factor Correction (Part 1): Why We Need It And How It Evolved02/14/20
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 11): Input Filter Impact On Dynamic Performance01/15/20
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 8): Common-Mode Noise Mitigation In Isolated Designs02/15/19
High-Power Wireless Charging For EVs (Part 1): Understanding The Basics01/16/19
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 7): Common-Mode Noise Of A Flyback12/18/18
Random PWM Quiets Noise And Reduces Emissions In Three-Phase Inverter Applications10/15/18
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 6): Mitigation Techniques Using Discrete FET Designs09/14/18
Power supplies get out of the cabinet05/10/18
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 4): Radiated Emissions04/15/18
Modeling Of The Sen Transformer Using An Electromagnetic Transients Program03/21/18
PCB Board Layout Is Critical When The Power Supply And MCU Live On The Same Board 02/16/18
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 2): Noise Propagation And Filtering01/15/18
High-Power Wireless Charging Of Heavy Duty EVs: Techniques, Challenges And Limitations12/15/17
The Engineer’s Guide To EMI In DC-DC Converters (Part 1): Standards Requirements And Measurement Techniques12/15/17
Thermocouple And Conditioning Circuits Enable Accurate Temperature Monitoring Over Wide Range10/16/17
Rapid Prototyping Platform Eases Development Of Grid-Connected Converters09/15/17
A Guide To Selecting Industrial Battery Chargers For Material Handling Applications08/15/17
Smart High-Side Switches Ease Safety Compliance For Industrial IoT07/15/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 16): Torque, Speed, Position, And Direction Sensing05/16/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 15): Low-Pass And Harmonic Filtering Of Power Measurements04/17/17
Magnetizable Concrete Paves The Way For EV Charging And Low-Cost Power Magnetics04/17/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 14): Power Measurements On Distorted Signals03/15/17
Fast, Simple Solenoid Driver Saves Power In Industrial Applications02/17/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 13): Motor Drive Control Architectures And Algorithms02/17/17
Phase Angle Regulation Versus Impedance Control: Which Offers Greater Control Of Power Flow On the Grid?02/15/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 12): Variable Frequency Motor Drives01/16/17
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 11): AC And DC Motor Types12/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 10): Motor Background11/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 9): Power Semiconductors As Implemented In Power Conversion Systems10/15/16
Multi-Output Fly-Buck Regulator Offers Wide VIN, Isolation And Low EMI09/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 8): Power Semiconductors09/15/16
Open HW/SW Platform Accelerates Development Of Control Solutions For Power Electronics08/15/16
Wide Voltage Trim Power Supplies: The Benefits Of Linear Supplies Without The Drawbacks08/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 7): Power Calculations In Three-Phase Systems08/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 6): AC Line Power Calculations07/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 5): Three-Phase AC Line Current And Winding Configurations06/15/16
A Practical Primer On Motor Drives (Part 3): Three-Phase AC Line Voltage04/18/16
Custom UPS Software Allows Greater System Control For Pipeline Clients02/16/16
Optimizing The Efficiency Of The Four-Switch Buck-Boost Converter09/15/15
Overview Of Voltage Regulation Schemes For Utility And Industrial Applications09/15/15
Output Tracking And Sequencing Improve FPGA Reliability05/15/15
Take The Edge Off High dV/dt Supplies05/15/15
Practical Power Flow Controller Brings Benefits Of Power Electronics To The Grid03/13/15
Streamlining Synchronous Buck-Boost Converter Design03/13/15
Raising The Bar For Flyback Primary-Side Regulation: Enabling Accurate CV-CC Solutions From 5 W To 150 W10/15/14
Current-Mode Control Stability Analysis For DC-DC Converters (Part 2)07/15/14
Current-Mode Control Stability Analysis For DC-DC Converters (Part 1)06/13/14
IGBT With Intrinsic Body Diode Improves Performance Of Single-Ended-Resonant Inverters In Induction Heating Applications05/15/13
Hardware-Software Architecture Improves Performance Of Large, Battery-Powered Systems12/20/12
EN50155 Compliance to Railway Standards, The whole process requires dedication and commitment12/04/12
Understanding Industrial System Structures Is Key To Powering Them11/21/12
Techniques For Implementing A Positive And Negative Output Voltage For Industrial And Medical Equipment10/25/12
UPS Operation Must Be Consistent With Its Environment08/01/12
Simple Control Method Tames Flux Saturation In High-Frequency Transformer-Link Full-Bridge DC-DC Converters06/29/12
Utility Direct Technology Boosts Efficiency Of Fast Charging For Electric Vehicles04/30/12
Exploiting the high temperature promise of SiC04/03/12
Switch-Mode Rectifier Technology Reshapes Industrial Battery Charging03/30/12
Use Intelligent High-Side Power Switch To Satisfy Safety Requirements In Process Control And Industrial Automation11/30/11
Designing Power Converters For 100°C+ Environments: Why Use 225°C-Rated Power Components?08/31/11
Component Aging Is Primary Hurdle In Design Of High-Temperature Power Converters08/31/11
Add A Black Box To Your Big (Or Small) Box06/24/11
Energy Harvester Produces Power from Local Environment, Eliminating Batteries in Wireless Sensors10/01/10
Methods measure power electronics efficiency07/29/10
Battery Chargers--Technology Overview04/23/10
Ultracapacitors Give Lift to Material Handling10/22/09
How to Design a Simple Isolated Power Supply 03/13/09
Create Your Own Fan Driver Circuit For An Active Heatsink 02/26/09
Charging for Ultracapacitors02/24/09
Optimising PFC Boost Converter Design02/01/09
With a Few Mouse Clicks to an Efficient Motor Control Design02/01/09
Input Overvoltage Protection (A Vicor Power Techtorial)12/31/08
Tame Switching Supply Noise While Maintaining Efficiency12/11/08
Low Noise, High Voltage DC/DC Converters10/02/08
Versatile TFT LCD Bias Supply and White LED Driver in a 4mm x 4mm QFN05/01/08
75 W Output, High Efficiency, Single Stage Flyback Power Supply With PFC for LED Ballasts04/01/08
Drive A Resistive Heater Element Without Adding Noise To The System09/01/07
Stacked-Ceramic Caps Brave High Temperatures08/01/07
CPLD autonomously powers battery-powered system04/12/07
Controlled power supply increases op amps' output-voltage range03/15/07
Vacuum cleaner with Philips P89LPC90108/10/06
Extending the Input Voltage Range of PowerPath Circuits for Automotive and Industrial Applications07/01/06
Triacs: How to calculate power and predict Tjmax08/10/05
ICs Protect IGBTs and Sense Currents in Motor Drives04/01/05
Hybrid ICs Drive High-Power IGBT Modules03/01/05
Power Amplifier Drives Multiple Inkjet Heads01/01/05
IC Supports Primary-Side Power Monitoring01/01/05
Power Transformer Attenuates Harmonics10/01/04
IC Manages Multiple Supplies on a Single Board01/01/04
Wireless Power10/14/03
New current-mode PWM controllers support boost, flyback, SEPIC, and LED-driver applications01/02/03
Induction Heating System Topology Review07/01/00
Using Modular DC-DC Converters to Meet European Standards for Railway Applications04/01/96

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