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Power Supplies for Military & Defense Applications

This section presents information and resources to help designers select and evaluate power supplies for military and defense applications. This section covers both military-grade and COTS power supplies, off the shelf and custom, including ac-dc power supplies, dc-dc converters, dc-ac inverters, battery chargers and EMI filters. Resources for designing these types of power supplies for military applications are also referenced here.

Where to find power supplies for military applications

(A source list of manufacturers offering military-grade and COTS ac-dc power supplies, dc-dc converters, inverters, battery chargers, EMI filters, etc. with overviews of their product offerings; mil specs and other certifications; design, test and manufacturing capabilities; and other experience.) View this manufacturers list.

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News about military-grade and COTS power supplies and related products

VPX Power Supply Features Extended Hold-Up To Meet MIL-STD-704F
SynQor’s VPX-3U-DC28TH 28-Vdc input VPX power supply features extended hold-up of 50 ms for aerospace and shipboard applications to meet requirements set by MIL-STD-704F. Read the article»
DC-DC Input Bus Conditioner Has Limiter And Hold-Up Capabilities
Designed to be used with GAÏA Converter’s MGDD N input series, the FLHG-60MN is a fully integrated Hi-rel grade front end combining limiter and hold-up capabilities. Read the article»
An Advanced Military-Field Grade Three-Phase 440-Vrms Input UPS
SynQor’s UPS-1500-x-1U-4 military field grade UPS addresses the challenge of connecting single-phase loads to three-phase power systems on aircraft and ships. Read the article»
Mil-COTS Sixteenth-Brick DC-DC Converters Deliver 25 W
SynQor’s Mil-COTS 270F Vin dc-dc sixteenth-bricks feature high power density, a wide (200-V to 300-V) input range and advanced control features. Read the article»
1200-W Power Supplies Are Ruggedized
Powerbox’s ruggedized OFD1200A series 1200-W ac-dc power supplies are designed for ground-based defense applications and harsh industrial environments. Read the article»
Power Highlights From CMSE 2023: A New Twist On Voltage Regulator ICs And Radiation Effects In GaN Devices
An article in How2Power Today offers highlights of two power-related talks at the recent Components for Military and Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition. Read the article»
700-V SiC MOSFET Is Military Grade
Solitron Devices’ SD11710 700-V SiC MOSFET is being introduced as industry’s first military-grade 700-V SiC device. Read the article»
1200-V SiC Power Modules Provide Independent Outputs And Small Size
Solitron Devices’ SD11911 and SD11912 1200-V SiC power modules are designed for demanding applications such as avionics-based electromechanical actuators, industrial high efficiency power converters/inverters and motor drives. Read the article»
Mil-COTS DC-DC Converters Feature High Power Density
SynQor’s additions to its Mil-COTS 28-V dc-dc product line, the MCOTS-C-28V-12-HY and MCOTS-C-28V-28-HY, deliver 504 W in a half-brick package. Read the article»
CMSE Focuses On Optimizing Component Choice For Military & Space Applications
This article offers a preview of the 26th Annual Components for Military and Space Electronics (CMSE), which will being held April 25-27, 2023 at the Four Points by Sheraton (LAX). Read the article»
Application Note Explains How COTS DC-DC Converters Achieve High Reliability
VPT has released an application note, AN009 4.0, “VPT Series DC-DC Converters and Power Accessory Modules,” which discusses the suitability of the VPT series of COTS dc-dc converters, EMI filters and accessories for military and other high-rel applications. Read the article»
PFC Module Meets Shipboard Military Standards
SynQor’s military-grade, three-phase power factor correction module is designed to meet shipboard military standards (MIL-STD-461[C-F], MIL-STD-1399, and MIL-STD-810G). Read the article»
Company To Highlight Military Power Solutions At Armament Symposium
TT Electronics, a partner in custom power supply development, will highlight its performance-critical military power Solutions next month at the NDIA Air Armament Symposium. Read the article»
Report Analyzes Military Power Supply Market
A press release from Reports Insights introduces their market study covering the Next Generation Military Power Supply market size for 2021-2027 across segments. Read the article»
Power Management Systems For Vertical Takeoff And Landing Aircraft
Press release announces that Crane Aerospace & Electronics will collaborate with BAE Systems to provide expertise on the power management systems for Jaunt Air Mobility's all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Read the article»

500-W DC-DC Converter Has 9-V to 36-V Input Range
Press release introduces Gaia Converter’s 500-W board-mounted isolated dc-dc converter with 9 to 36V input and offered in a standard half-brick package. Read the article»
HV DC-DC Converter Is Building block For Aircraft Power Supply Architecture
Press releases announces that Crane Aerospace & Electronics’ new 4-kW high-voltage, wide-input (450-V to 800-V), to 28-V output regulated dc-dc converter supports multiple platforms and power sources. Read the article»
200-W Smart DC-DC Converters With Wide Input Range
Press release introduces Gaia Converter’s MGDM-201 series of 200-W military grade isolated dc-dc converters with ultra-wide input voltage range of 9 to 45 or 16 to 80 V dc and an ultra-wide output voltage trim. Read the article»
2400-Watt Water-Tight Pure Sine Wave Inverters
Power Stream’s website introduces a 2400-W water tight heavy industry and military-grade pure sine wave dc-ac inverters with 28-Vdc, 48-Vdc , 125Vdc, 115-Vac and 220 Vac versions. Read the article»
COTS/MOTS-Ratified 50-W To 1200-W Power Supplies
Press release introduces Powerbox’s ruggedized product line of new power supplies which include three dc-dc (DAA-DAB-DAC) and four ac-dc (DBA-DBB-DBC-DBD) series with ratings from 50 W to 1200 W. Read the article»
270-V Input DC-DC Product Family Expands
Press release announces additions to SynQor’s Mil-COTS 270-V input DC-DC product family, which include two new models offering 1000-W output, variable output range (10 to 40 V or 25 to 60 V) and unlimited load capacitance or battery load. Read the article»
4-kW Field-Grade Three-Phase Programmable Output Power Supply
Press releases announces SynQor’s compact, lightweight, fully isolated military field-grade programmable output power supply (MPPS), which accepts a wide range of frequencies and three-phase inputs and has three programmable dc output voltage options. Read the article»
6U VITA-62-Compliant Power Supply For MIL-COTS VPX Applications
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY announces Vicor’s VITA 62-compliant power supply. Operating from a 28-V input, the VIT028x6U1000y000 produces 3.3 V to 12 V output at up to 1000 W. Read the article»
Isolated Three-Phase Power Factor Correction Module
Press release announces SynQor’s Power Correction Module (MPFIC), which is designed to meet ground, shipboard and aircraft military standards (MIL-STD-704 (A-F), MIL-STD-461 (C-F), MIL-STD-1399, MIL-STD-810G and RTCA DO-160G). Read the article»
1300-W DC-DC Converter Delivers 451 W/in3
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY announces Vicor’s DCM5614, an isolated, regulated dc-dc converter for air and sea applications that delivers 1300 W of output at 28 V in a 5.6- x 1.4- x 0.3-in. VIA package. Read the article»

Power Supplies Provide High Power Density For MIL-COTS VPX Applications
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY announces Vicor Power Systems’ VITA 62-compliant power supplies, which are designed for 3U Open VPX systems and achieve high-efficiency and high-power density in a rugged, conduction-cooled chassis. Read the article»
Wide Input Range Eases Transient Protection For DC-DC Converters
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY announces Gaia Converter’s extension of its platform of dc-dc converters with ultra-wide input voltage range to the High Rel MGDD-80 series, which targets military and airborne applications. Read the article»
30-kW COTS Military Power Inverters Target Harsh Environments
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY announces Schaefer’s MIL-K series of MIL-COTS inverters for military applications. Featuring robust and ruggedized designs, the 30-kW MIL-K series is well suited for use in shelters, vehicles, avionics, radar, naval and many other open-air applications. Read the article»
1-MW Electronic Load Supports Testing Of Energy Storage Modules
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY announces Magna-Power Electronics’s delivery of a 1-MW water cooled dc electronic load to the U.S. Navy. This load will be used to research, develop, test, and evaluate the operation of energy storage modules (ESMs) in a shipboard environment. Read the article»
COTS Power Supply Delivers 4,000 W to meet MIL-STD-704F requirements
Press release introduces Behlman Electronics’ DCR2U-4000D-6-48,83.3-24,16.7 Critical Mission COTS Power Supply to deliver reliable dc output from a wide frequency of 3-phase ac aircraft power. Read the article»
Programmable Power Supplies Offer Ruggedized MIL-STD-810G Option
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes Magna-Power Electronics’ MIL-STD-rated, ruggedized option for its popular SL series and XR series of programmable dc power supplies. Read the article»
Military-Grade UPS Delivers High Performance In Shallow Depth
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes SynQor’s UPS-1500-S-2S shallow depth (13.6-in.), 1250-W (1500-VA) version of its line of military-grade uninterruptible power supplies that is designed for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of military/aerospace applications. Read the article»
Isolated DC-DC Converters Deliver High Efficiency For Mil/Aerospace Applications
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes Modular Devices’ Models 3715, 3716, 3717 and 3718 of isolated 2-W and 6-W dc-dc converters offering high efficiency for demanding military and aerospace applications. Read the article»
MIL-COTS Parts Help Simplify Designs And Optimize SWaP-C Attributes
Press release introduces Vicor’s four new MIL-COTS (M-Grade) versions of its VIA DCM modular dc-dc converters, which operate down to -55°C, with 28-V input and nominal output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 24 V and 28 V and up to 320 W of output power. Also introduced is a 28-V filter module. Read the article»
3000-W Military-Grade Expansion Battery Module
Press release introduces SynQor’s EBM-1000 military-grade expansion battery module (EBM), which is designed for use with the UPS-1500 and UPS-3000 series uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). Read the article»
Improved Communication And Remote Programming Options For AC Power Sources/Frequency Converters
Press release introduces a high-performance interface for three of Behlman Electronics’ P-Series ac power sources. Called Option U, this interface includes USB, Ethernet, and RS-232 using SCPI protocol, enabling faster communication speed, programming the power supply remotely from greater distances, and compatibility with newer computers. Read the article»
40-W DC-DC Converters
Press release introduces Gaia Converter’s compact 1.68-in. x 1.25-in. x 0.31-in. MGDD40 series of 40-W dc-dc converters with 9-V to 60-V and 4.5-V to 33-V input ranges. These are designed for use in distributed power architectures where variable input voltage and transients are prevalent. Read the article»
COTS Power Supply Is Reconfigured For Shipboard Gun Control Systems
Press release describes Behlman Electronics’ design of its 3-output shipboard power supply, P/N 94039-1, which has been specially enhanced to meet the shipboard input-power requirements of MIL-STD-1399, Section 300B. Read the article»
3U OpenVPX Power Products
Press release describes Behlman Electronics’ 800-W, 3-phase ac-dc power supply with 50-millisecond energy storage, which enables system designers to meet MIL-STD704. Read the article»
6-W, 12-V To 160-V Input DC-DC Converters
Press release introduces Gaia Converter’s MGDDI06 series 6-W dc-dc converters with 12 V-160 V input range, which covers all typical 24-V, 28-V, 36-V, 48-V, 72-V, 96-V, 110-V, and 125-V nominal input voltage systems with a single device. Read the article»
350-W Military Power Factor Correction Modules
Press release introduces SynQor’s newest Military PFC modules, the MPFC-U-390-QP and MPFC-115-270-QP, which produce 350 W of output in a quarter-brick package while achieving 95% efficiency at full load. Read the article»
Liquid Cooled 20- to 25-kW Power Systems Target Heavy Industrial And Military Projects
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes Schaefer’s CPW-5700 series of ac-dc supplies and BPW-5700 series of battery chargers. Read the article»
Hermetically Sealed Linear Regulators Offer Dramatically Lower Cost And A Range Of Grades
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes DATEL’s LVR-7815 series of 15-V 0.5-A linear voltage regulators which offer hermetically sealed packages at half the price what of what’s currently available on the market—according to the vendor. Read the article»
COTS DC-DC Converters And EMI Filters Feature Wide Input Range And Advanced Packaging
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes VPT’s VXR series of dc-dc converters and EMI filters featuring dc-dc converters from 7 W to 100 W with a wide input range of 9 V to 60 V. Read the article»
High-Rel DC-DC Converter Features Epoxy Encapsulation, Greater Power Density
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes VPT’s VPT250-2800S series single-output 250-W isolated dc-dc converters, which are designed for military vehicles, ships, weapons, and other rugged systems requiring higher power density combined with high reliability. Read the article»
Epoxy Encapsulated Package Streamlines Assembly Of High-Rel DC-DC Converters In Customer’s Applications
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes VPT’s encapsulated epoxy package option for its VPT series of high-reliability dc-dc converters, EMI filters and accessory products. The epoxy packaging allows for aqueous cleaning processes often required in higher-volume circuit board production. Read the article»
12:1 Input Range Simplifies Transient Protection For High-Rel DC-DC Converters
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY describes Gaia Converter’s MGDD-60W series of 60-W dc-dc converters with 12-V to 160-V input range. These converters are well suited to comply with Mil-Std-1275, 704 or DO160 standards without requiring an additional front end protection device. Read the article»
DC-DC Converters Push Limits On Power Density For A Range Of Applications
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY includes the introduction of Vicor’s 320-W ChiP DCM with a 16-V to 50-V input range and a nominal 28-V output, optimized for 28-V MIL-COTS systems. Read the article»

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