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Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride Power Technology

How2Power’s SiC and GaN Power Technology section brings you news of SiC and GaN developments along with related design information, supplier data, book reviews, and technology roadmaps.

In this section you’ll find summaries and links for the following resources:

  • SiC and GaN power technology news as reported in the How2Power Today newsletter; as well as articles from other technical publications;
  • Design Articles discussing the use of the SiC and GaN power components such as diodes, transistors, and modules in power converter designs;
  • SiC and GaN Source Lists naming the device manufacturers and the product categories they offer;
  • Book reviews on SiC- and GaN-related engineering texts;
  • Technology roadmaps forecasting the development of SiC and GaN power devices and process capabilities.

SiC and GaN News Articles

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Press release, Jan 2024
Navitas and SHINRY, a supplier of automotive power supplies, have announced the opening of a joint R&D laboratory to accelerate development of new-energy vehicle power systems enabled by Navitas’ GaNFast technology. Read the article»
Press release, Jan 2024
Renesas Electronics has announced its intent to acquire Transphorm, expanding its power semiconductor portfolio with GaN technology for EVs, data centers & AI power, and renewable energy markets. Read the article»
Press release, Dec 2023
Navitas recently held an opening ceremony and 2023 Investor Day at its new headquarters in Torrance, Calif. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2023
Legrand is using Innoscience’s InnoGaN devices in its latest home power sockets to meet increased power demand from products such as fast-charging Type A+C and USB power adapters. Read the article»
How2Power Today, Nov 2023
The 69th annual IEDM conference (Dec. 9-13) will feature sessions on wide-bandgap materials and devices for power electronics. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2023
ROHM Semiconductor has completed acquisition of the assets of Solar Frontier’s former Kunitomi Plant located in Japan. The plant will become the Rohm Group's main production site for SiC power devices. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2023
Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) has signed a tripartite agreement with Chicony Power Technology and Cambridge University Technical Services to conceive and develop advanced adapters and data center power products using GaN power devices. Read the article»

Press release, Oct 2023
Navitas Semiconductor has announced another GaNFast win at Samsung, this time a new 25-W charger for the Galaxy S23 smartphone. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2023
Infineon has signed an agreement with automakers Kia and Hyundai whereby Infineon will build and reserve manufacturing capacity to supply SiC as well as Si power modules and chips to Hyundai/Kia until 2030. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2023
Innoscience Technology, a manufacturer of GaN power devices, has signed a Pan-European distribution agreement with Germany-headquartered MEV Elektronik Service. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2023
EPC Space has announced the grand opening of its Andover, MA facility, showcasing its radiation hardened GaN technology.  Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2023
Nexperia has partnered with KYOCERA AVX Salzburg to produce a 650-V SiC rectifier module for industrial power supplies, EV charging stations, on-board chargers. Read the article»
Press release, Sep 2023
Infineon Technologies will supply Infypower with 1200-V CoolSiC MOSFET power semiconductor devices to improve the efficiency of Infypower’s electric vehicle charging stations. Read the article»
Press release, Sep 2023
Innoscience Technology has shipped more than 300 million pieces of its InnoGan gallium nitride chips as of August 2023. Read the article»

Press release, Aug 2023
Innoscience has added a dedicated “design-in” partner, CODICO, to its European distribution network. Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2023
Infineon has expanded its collaboration with Chicony Power to optimize Chicony’s GaN-based PD3.1 notebook adapter series. Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2023
Infineon plans to build what's described as the world’s largest 200-millimeter SiC power fab, in Kulim, Malaysia. Read the article»
Press release, Jul 2023
Renesas has secured a 10-year supply commitment of SiC bare and epitaxial wafers from Wolfspeed, paving the way for Renesas to scale production of SiC power semiconductors starting in 2025. Read the article»
Press release, Jul 2023
Innoscience Technology has announced that OnePlus is using Innoscience’s bidirectional VGaN IC in the phone's battery protection board. Read the article»
Press release, Jun 2023
This summer EPC will be hosting a series of webinars on the topic of reliability in real-world applications, starting on July 12 with one on predicting device lifetimes in solar applications. Read the article»
Press release, Jun 2023
Wise-integration, a French developer of digital control of GaN and GaN ICs for power supplies, and Savoy Group have announced a new GaN charger for e-bikes embedded within the battery of a new electric bike. Read the article»
Press release, Jun 2023
ROHM Semiconductor, an electronic parts manufacturer, and Vitesco Technologies, a manufacturer of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, have formed a long- term SiC supply partnership worth Read the article»
Press release, May 2023
Innoscience Technology has responded to Efficient Power Conversion’s lawsuit announcement by issuing a series of statements denying the validity of the lawsuit. Read the article»
Press release, May 2023
Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) has filed complaints in federal court and in the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) asserting four patents of its foundational patent portfolio against Innoscience. Read the article»
Press release, May 2023
Navitas Semiconductor's GeneSiC power semiconductors have been adopted by Exide Technologies for use in high-frequency fast chargers for industrial material handling equipment. Read the article»
Press release, May 2023
Innoscience and University of Bern have developed a multilevel topology reference demo to address 850-Vdc applications with 650-V GaN fulfilling EV and industrial requirements. Read the article»
Press release, May 2023
Infineon Technologies and Hon Hai Technology Group (“Foxconn”) have signed a memorandum of understanding on SiC development, leveraging Infineon’s automotive SiC innovations and Foxconn’s know-how in automotive systems. Read the article»
Press release, May 2023
Infineon has announced agreements with two SiC suppliers--SICC and TanKeBlue, which focus initially on 150-mm SiC material, then support Infineon’s transition to 200-mm wafers. Read the article»
Press release, Apr 2023
Infineon Technologies and Schweizer Electronic are collaborating on a way to further increase the efficiency of Infineon’s 1200-V CoolSiC chips, developing a solution to embed them directly in PCBs. Read the article»
Thomas Aichinger, How2Power Today, Apr 2023
Systems engineers that have previously evaluated SiC MOSFETs and observed somewhat different threshold voltage (VTH) variations compared to Si MOSFETs now have an answer on how to measure VTH reproducibly in pristine devices. Read the article»

Press release, Apr 2023
Navitas Semiconductor has announced that its GaNFast technology has been adopted for the “in-box” 240-W ultra-fast charger provided with the recently-announced realme GT3 smartphone. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2023
Infineon Technologies and GaN Systems have signed a definitive agreement under which Infineon will acquire GaN Systems for $830 million, strengthening Infineon’s GaN portfolio. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2023
McLaren Applied has selected STMicroelectronics as a key supplier of SiC power modules for its next-generation IPG5 800-V inverter for EVs. Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2023
Microchip Technology has announced plans to invest $880M to expand its SiC and silicon production capacity at its Colorado Springs, Colo. manufacturing facility over the next several years.  Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2023
The JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee has published a series of free documents (JEP194, JEP195 and JEP192) for the reliability and testing of SiC MOSFETs.  Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2023
Electric motor manufacturer Infinitum is collaborating with Infineon Technologies on Aircore EC, Infinitum’s smart industrial electric motor which employs a novel PCB stator. Read the article»
Press release, Jan 2023
A new customer of Aehr Test Systems has selected its FOX-P test and burn-in system for qualification and production wafer-level test and burn-in of their SiC devices for EVs. Read the article»
Press release, Jan 2023
Halo Microelectronics, a maker of analog and power management ICs, has agreed to sell the remaining interest in its ac-dc silicon controller IC joint venture to Navitas Semiconductor. Read the article»
Press release, Jan 2023
Tagore Technology, a developer of high-power GaN-based RF switches and power management applications, has announced the appointment of Chae Lee as CEO. Read the article»
Press release, Jan 2023
onsemi and Ampt are collaborating to meet demand for dc string optimizers. Ampt uses onsemi’s n-channel SiC MOSFET, part of the EliteSiC family, in its dc string optimizers. Read the article»
Press release, Dec 2022
Wolfspeed has announced the expansion of an existing multi-year, long-term SiC wafer supply agreement, now worth approximately $225 million, with a leading power device company. Read the article»
Press release, Dec 2022
Chicony Power has designed in TI’s integrated GaN technology to power its latest 65-W laptop power adapter, reducing the size of Chicony’s power adapter by 50% and increasing efficiency up to 94%. Read the article»
Press release, Dec 2022
ROHM Semiconductor and Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership agreement on SiC power devices for automotive applications Read the article»
Press release, Dec 2022
STMicroelectronics and Soitec have announced the next stage of their cooperation on SiC substrates with the goal of ST adopting Soitec’s SmartSiC technology for its future 200-mm substrate manufacturing. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2022
Innoscience Technology, a supplier of GaN power devices, has signed a global distribution agreement with Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Electronics company. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2022
ROHM Semiconductor has announced a partnership with Mazda Motor and Imasen Electric Industrial to develop inverters and SiC power modules for use in EV drive units. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2022
Cambridge GaN Devices has raised $19m in Series B funding, enabling the fabless semiconductor company to begin mass production of its range of GaN transistors for power applications. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2022
Infineon Technologies and automaker Stellantis have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding as a first step towards a potential multi-year supply cooperation for SiC semiconductors. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2022
Navitas Semiconductor says its next-gen GaNFast power ICs have been selected for the in-box 125-W charger of Motorola’s latest flagship smartphone, the X30 Pro. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2022
Qorvo, a provider of connectivity and power solutions, and SK Siltron, a semiconductor wafer manufacturer, have finalized a multi-year supply agreement for SiC bare and epitaxial wafers. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2022
Vishay Intertechnology has acquired MaxPower Semiconductor, a fabless power semiconductor provider with SiC trench and planar technologies from 650 V to 1,700 V, targeting automotive and industrial applications.  Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2022
Bloom Energy has chosen CoolSiC MOSFETs and CoolSiC diodes from Infineon Technologies to process electrical power in Bloom’s Energy Server, the company’s fuel cell offering. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2022
Delta Electronics (Americas) has demonstrated a next-generation SiC MOSFET solid state transformer-based 400-kW extreme fast EV charger to its U.S. DOE grant program partners. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2022
The International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD 2023), which will take place May 28-June 1 in Hong Kong, has issued its second call for papers, which includes SiC and GaN topics. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2022
STMicroelectronics will build an integrated SiC substrate manufacturing facility in Italy to support the increasing demand from ST’s customers for SiC devices across automotive and industrial applications. Read the article»
Press release, Sep 2022
An expansion of onsemi’s facility will increase its SiC wafer production capacity by 16 times over the next two years to address the sharply increasing demand for SiC chips. Read the article»
Press release, Sep 2022
Power America’s annual Wide Bandgap Devices and Applications Short Course, which will be held virtually on October 25 to 27, will enable SiC and GaN power electronics professionals to incorporate this technology into products and systems and fully utilize its benefits. Read the article»
Press release, Sep 2022
Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) has opened a new design application center near Turin, Italy, to focus on the growing motor drive applications based on GaN technology. Read the article»
Press release, Sep 2022
Innoscience has announced that its BiGaN bidirectional GaN HEMTs are being used inside OPPO’s phone handset to control the battery's charging and discharging currents. Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2022
Infineon has expanded its supplier base for SiC wafers by signing a supply agreement with the U.S.-based II-VI, securing further access to this strategic semiconductor material. Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2022
BRC Solar has selected Efficient Power Conversion’s EPC2218 100-V eGaN FET for its next- generation solar optimizer. Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2022
The organizing committee for the 9th Annual IEEE/PMSA Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA) is looking forward to returning to an in-person event on November 7 – 9, 2022.  Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2022
Navitas Semiconductor, a maker of GaN power ICs, announced its acquisition of GeneSiC Semiconductor, a company with deep expertise in SiC power device design and process. Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2022
The expanded site will increase onsemi’s SiC boule production capacity by five times year- over-year. Read the article»
Press release, Jul 2022
Innoscience Technology, a GaN-on-Si device maker, has signed a distribution agreement with Finepower, to provide European and Chinese customers with specialist design-in support. Read the article»
Mohamed Imam, Infineon Technologies, Chandler, Ariz., Jul 2022
Article discusses Infineon’s work in developing monolithic, bidirectional GaN power switches. Read the article»
Press release, Jul 2022
Navitas Semiconductor, a provider of GaN power ICs has announced its acquisition of VDD Tech, creator of advanced digital-isolators for next-generation power conversion. Read the article»
Serena Deng, JW Insights, Jun 2022
In an ijiwei Talk video interview, Victor Veliadis discusses the factors that are holding back GaN on Si devices from moving from 6-inch to 8-inch wafers, the benefits of doing so, and GaN packaging issues Read the article»
Press release, Jun 2022
Innoscience has expanded its European office with a new GaN power device R&D center in Leuven, Belgium. Read the article»
Press release, May 2022
Innoscience issued two papers at ISPSD, presenting performance and reliability data of its 15-V and 650-V GaN power devices. Read the article»
Press release, May 2022
Nexperia and KYOCERA AVX Components Salzburg have announced a partnership to develop GaN automotive power modules. Read the article»
Press release, May 2022
Sensitron and EPC have collaborated to introduce a 350-V GaN half-bridge intelligent power module that is 60% smaller than comparable Si solutions and lower cost. Read the article»
Press release, May 2022
At the recent PCIM Europe, ROHM Semiconductor Europe announced its SiC investment plans. Read the article»
Press release, May 2022
Innoscience Technology has signed a global distribution agreement with WPG Holdings (WPG), giving customers in all parts of the world access to Innoscience’s high- and low-voltage enhancement-mode GaN HEMTs. Read the article»
Press release, May 2022
STMicroelectronics revealed it is supplying SiC technology for the eMPack electric-vehicle (EV) power modules from Semikron. Read the article»
Press release, Apr 2022
ROHM Semiconductor has announced a partnership with Delta Electronics to develop GaN power devices. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2022
According to market research and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement, the SiC device market is expected to grow beyond US$6 billion by 2027. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2022
Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies announced it has reached a technology milestone in its development of what it describes as the world's most advanced vertical GaN power FETs. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2022
ROHM Semiconductor has announced that Lucid Motors, a luxury electric vehicle (EV) maker, is using its SiC MOSFETs in the Lucid Air EV to enable efficient on-board charging. Read the article»
EE Times Europe, , Mar 2022
Article by Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio discusses Innoscience’s production of GaN power devices on 8 in. silicon wafers and the benefits that offers versus the more-conventional market approach with 6-in. wafers.  Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2022
Navitas Semiconductor’s GaNFast technology has been selected to deliver a fast charging solution for the realme GT Neo 3 smartphone series, which was launched at MWC 2022.  Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2022
Infineon Technologies is adding significant manufacturing capacity for SiC and GaN semiconductors, investing more than €2 billion to build a third module at its site in Kulim, Malaysia.  Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2022
Digi-Key Electronics will be a global distributor for EPC Space’s line of rad hard GaN-on- silicon transistors and ICs, packaged, tested, and qualified for satellite and high- reliability applications.  Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2022
Fabless semiconductor company Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) has launched ICeData, a project that will deliver GaN power IC technology to boost the efficiency of data center power supplies. Read the article»
Press release, Jan 2022
The Suzhou, China-based Innoscience Technology, a supplier of GaN-on-Si power solutions, has launched operations in the U.S. and Europe, adding design and sales support facilities in Santa Clara, Calif. and Leuven, Belgium. Read the article»
Press release, Dec 2021
Navitas GaNFast ICs, which were first introduced to mobile customers three years ago, are now available to applications in the 2-kW to 20-kW range. Read the article»
Press release, Dec 2021
CISSOID and Silicon Mobility have integrated Silicon Mobility’s OLEA FPCU controller with CISSOID’s SiC Intelligent Power Module platform to accelerate development of compact and efficient SiC inverters for EV motor drives. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2021
Navitas Semiconductor has announced details of how its GaNFast power ICs with GaNSense tech- nology are used to ultra-fast-charge Xiaomi’s new Note 11 Pro+ flagship smartphone.  Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2021
ISPSD’s third call for papers includes the reminder that the abstract submission deadline is Dec 10, 2021. The symposium on power semiconductor devices and power ICs will be held May 22- 26, 2022 in Vancouver, Canada. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2021
STMicroelectronics and The Institute of Microelectronics at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research are collaborating on R&D of SiC for power-electronics in automotive and industrial applications, setting a foundation for a SiC ecosystem in Singapore. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2021
GaN Systems has announced a strategic partnership with ASE Technology’s subsidiary, Universal Scientific Industrial, to co-develop GaN power modules for the EV market. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2021
CAES’s 28-V rad-tolerant converters are described as the industry’s first single-stage, isolated dc-dc converters for high-throughput satellite payloads, and first of their kind to incorporate GaN technology. Read the article»
Press release, Nov 2021
Qorvo, a provider of innovative RF solutions, has announced that it has acquired Princeton, New Jersey-based United Silicon Carbide (UnitedSiC), a manufacturer of SiC power semiconductors.  Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2021
More than $5 million in total funding from the Army Research Office and the Army Research Laboratory will go toward equipment, staffing, tuition and other research-related costs at a new SiC semiconductor fabrication facility at the U. of Arkansas. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2021
Navitas Semiconductor, a manufacturer of GaN power ICs, has completed its business combination with Live Oak Acquisition Corp. II. Navitas’ common shares and warrants will begin trading on October 20, 2021 on the Nasdaq. Read the article»
How2Power Today, Oct 2021
GaN Power International has demonstrated power switching capability in a double pulse testing board at 800 V and 7 to 8 A for its GPIHV30DFN and GPIHV30SB5L 1200-V GaNFETs. Read the article»
Press release, Oct 2021
Wolfspeed (formerly Cree) and General Motors (GM) announced a strategic supplier agreement to develop and provide SiC solutions for GM’s electric vehicle program. Read the article»
Press release, Sep 2021
Infineon Technologies and Panasonic Corporation have signed an agreement for the joint development and production of the second generation of their proven GaN technology. Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2021
Cree (Wolfspeed) and STMicroelectronics have expanded their existing 150-mm SiC wafer supply agreement to help ST meet ramping demand of automotive and industrial customers. Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2021
EPC Space announced that it has been selected by Astranis to provide rad hard GaN-based power devices for use in dc power supplies on the latest build of new small geostationary communications satellites.  Read the article»
Press release, Aug 2021
EPC Space has published a space-level pricing table for its rad hard GaN power devices. Read the article»
Press release, Jul 2021
STMicroelectronics has manufactured what it describes as the first 200-mm (8-in.) SiC bulk wafers. These will be used for prototyping next-generation power devices at its facility in Norrköping, Sweden. Read the article»
Press release, Jul 2021
GaN Systems has announced a partnership with FTEX to deliver next-generation, GaN Powered motor drives for personal electric vehicles (EVs) including e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds.  Read the article»
David Morrison, Jul 2021
BrightLoop Converters’ Value DC-DC product line of dc-dc converters is said to leverage EPC’s GaN transistors to offer high performance at affordable pricing for off-highway and commercial vehicles. Read the article»
Press release, Jul 2021
Nexperia has completed the transaction to acquire Newport Wafer Fab (NWF). The Welsh semiconductor plant will focus on MOSFETs, IGBT, analog and compound semiconductor automotive-grade products.  Read the article»
David Morrison, Jun 2021
Pre-Switch’s CleanWave200 inverter evaluation system exceeds 99.3% at 100 kHz using only three discrete, low-cost 35-mΩ SiC MOSFETs per switch location.  Read the article»
Press release, Jun 2021
Fujitsu General Electronics has developed a “small GaN module,” which combines a 650-V 40-A GaN-FET chip from Transphorm with a drive circuit. Targeted applications include power supplies, industrial equipment, and automotive equipment.  Read the article»
Press release, Jun 2021
According to a market research report published by MarketsandMarkets, the Gallium Nitride semiconductor device market is projected to reach $24.9 billion U.S. by 2026, at a CAGR of 5.2% between 2021 and 2026. Read the article»
Press release, Jun 2021
Cree has announced that Shenzhen Gospower Digital Technology will use Cree’s Wolfspeed 650-V SiC MOSFETs for next generation common redundant power supply solutions.  Read the article»
Press release, May 2021
Navitas Semiconductor has announced its plan to go public.  Read the article»
Press release, Apr 2021
The JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee has published a milestone document, “JEP184: Guideline for Evaluating Bias Temperature Instability of Silicon Carbide Metal- Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) Devices for Power Electronic Conversion. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2021
GaNPower International highlights its success in GaN technology innovation with a number of device and packaging related patents being allowed and/or issued by the US patent office. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2021
LG Electronics’ gram, a 16-in. laptop, that weighs only 2.62 lbs, is being supplied to customers with a lightweight 65-W fast charger ‘in-box’ that uses Navitas NV6125 GaNFast power IC. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2021
Vitesco Technologies, a supplier of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, has won a major order for an 800-V inverter with SiC technology in significant quantities for the new electric vehicle platform of the Hyundai Motor Group. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2021
Nexperia and United Automotive Electronic Systems have announced a partnership focusing on power systems for EVs in which they will jointly develop automotive applications using GaN technology. Read the article»
Press release, Mar 2021
By combining Silanna Semiconductor’s SZ1130 active clamp flyback PWM controller with GaN System’s 650-V GaN transistor, the two semiconductor companies have co-designed a 65-W USB-C charger with 30-W/in3 (uncased) power density and >94% efficiency.  Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2021
A market report from IDTechEx, "Electric Vehicles: Land, Sea & Air 2021–2041" discusses Tesla’s development of EV traction inverters using SiC MOSFETs, with some interesting details included in this press release. Read the article»
Press release, Feb 2021
The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has published JEP183: Guidelines for Measuring the Threshold Voltage (VT) of SiC MOSFETs, the first publication by JEDEC’s JC- 70.2 SiC subcommittee. Read the article»
Press release, Dec 2020
BrightLoop Converters has reduced the size and cost, and improved the reliability of its latest BB SP dc-dc buck converters for motorsports and supercars with other applications, through use of Efficient Power Conversion’s EPC2029 eGaN FETs. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Nov 2020
According to GaN Systems, 14 teams have been selected to move on to the final round of the “GaN Systems Cup” China Power Supply Society (CPSS) Design Competition. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Nov 2020
Infineon Technologies and GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) have signed a supply agreement for silicon carbide (SiC) boules, helping Infineon to ensure supply of the necessary base material in light of growing demand for its SiC semiconductor devices. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Oct 2020
Power Integrations has announced that shipments of the company’s InnoSwitch family of ICs have surpassed one billion units. These offline switcher ICs incorporate the company’s FluxLink communication technology and include GaN switches in the higher power models. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Aug 2020
UnitedSiC, a manufacturer of SiC power semiconductors, has entered into a distribution agreement with Macnica, a distributor of semiconductor products in Japan.  Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Jul 2020
A press release announces that ROHM and LEADRIVE have established a joint laboratory to co- develop SiC-based automotive inverters. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Jun 2020
A joint venture has been formed by LoadSlammer, Steve Sandler and Picotest to develop a family of the world’s fastest GaN-Based slew rate testers. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Jun 2020
A press release announces a joint venture by Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) and VPT, dubbed EPC Space, which will provide advanced, high-reliability, power conversion solutions for critical spaceborne environments in applications including power supplies, lidar, motor drive, and ion thrusters.  Read the article»
No author specified, Jun 2020
According to a press release from Rohm Semiconductor, as a result of a recently signed development partnership, ROHM Semiconductor will provide proprietary SiC power semiconductor technology optimized for Vitesco Technologies’ high-voltage power electronics for electric vehicles. Read the article»
No author specified, May 2020
Article in How2Power Today previews the conference program for the upcoming IEEE Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications in Asia (WiPDA Asia 2020), planned for Sept. 23-25 in Kyoto, Japan. Read the article»
David G. Morrison, How2Power Today, Mar 2020
Report on power semiconductor news from CES 2020 includes companies’ SiC and GaN developments as seen in reference designs and customer product examples—the latter showcasing products using GaN power devices. News includes plans by some established chip makers to introduce their first GaN products. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Feb 2020
Press release announces that STMicroelectronics and TSMC are collaborating on development of GaN process technology and GaN devices. ST expects to deliver its first samples of power GaN discrete devices to its key customers later this year, followed by GaN IC products within a few months. Read the article»
Mark Scott, PSMA Update, Dec 2019
In the PSMA’s quarterly newsletter, Mark Scott, the WiPDA 2019 Publicity Chair, reports highlights from the recent Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA). This year’s workshop, which was well attended by SiC and GaN developers and users from industry and academia, included meetings of the JEDEC JC-70 committee, which is developing WBG standards, and the International Technology Roadmap on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors (ITRW). Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Dec 2019
Press release describes some signs of GaN device adoption in the marketplace with highights from Yole's market research reports.  Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Dec 2019
Press release announces that STMiicroelectronics has closed its acquisition of Swedish SiC Wafer manufacturer Norstel, which will continue increasing its production of 150-mm bare and epitaxial silicon carbide wafers and its R&D on 200-mm production. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Nov 2019
Press release announces that Transphorm has shipped more than 500,000 high-voltage (650-V) GaN FETs, which are normally off, 2-chip cascode devices. Press release also indicates that the company has “more than 5 billion hours (with <2 FIT) of field reliability data to date.” Read the article»
How2Power Today, Nov 2019
News story in HOW2POWER TODAY introduces a 750-V input, 50-W railway dc-dc converter from ABSOPULSE Electronics that uses SiC technology to achieve high efficiency and high power density. Read the article»
Steve Taranovich, Power Systems Design, Oct 2019
This article discusses the use of GaN power devices, mainly those from Freebird Semiconductor in power systems for space applications. Before discussing the power performance capabilities and rad hard characteristics of the GaN power transistors and the topologies in which they are used, the article points out the opportunities for GaN devices by describing the different components of space power systems (energy sources and storage, power distribution architectures, and power converters) and power specs for satellites and spacecraft including examples from existing and planned programs. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Sep 2019
Power Integrations has announced the delivery of its one-millionth InnoSwitch3 switcher IC featuring the company’s PowiGaN gallium-nitride technology to Shenzhen-based Anker Innovations. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Sep 2019
Cree has announced plans to establish a silicon carbide corridor on the east coast of the U.S. with the creation of the world’s largest SiC fabrication facility in upstate New York. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified , Sep 2019
STMicroelectronics has been chosen by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi (Alliance) to supply high- efficiency SiC power electronics for advanced on-board chargers (OBCs) in its upcoming electric vehicles. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Aug 2019
Cree and ON Semiconductor have announced a multi-year silicon carbide wafer supply agreement in which Cree will produce and supply its Wolfspeed SiC bare and epitaxial wafers to ON Semiconductor for use in high-growth markets, such as electric vehicle and industrial applications. Read the article»
No author specified, press release, May 2019
PowerAmerica recently unveiled an updated wide bandgap technology roadmap. The public version includes a new market forecast for WBG power electronics and analysis of SiC and GaN device cost based on market information. A more detailed version available to members only outlines key markets and application areas for SiC and GaN power electronics, performance targets for GaN and SiC technologies, technical barriers, and activities to overcome those barriers.  Read the article»
No author specified, How2Power Today, Apr 2019
Richardson RFPD has announced the launch of the GaN & SiC for Power Electronics Tech Hub, a microsite featuring the latest news on gallium nitride and silicon carbide innovations and product releases. Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Mar 2019
At the upcoming 2019 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), the PowerAmerica Institute will share its progress in advancing the development and adoption of wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor technology in the U.S. The institute has provided about $100 million in funding to more than 120 projects aimed at driving industry adoption of next-gen SiC and GaN power electronics technology. Read the article»
How2Power Today, Andy Lemmon , Feb 2019
The International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP) is envisioned to foster disruptive change in the development of power packaging technologies so that the performance potential of the latest power semiconductors, particularly fast-switching wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors, can be fully realized in practical power electronics applications. This article offers a preview of the topics to be discussed at this year’s workshop. Read the article»
No author specified, How2Power Today, Feb 2019
The Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications in Asia (WiPDA Asia) provides a forum for device scientists, circuit designers, and application engineers to share technology updates, research findings, development experience, and application knowledge. WiPDA-Asia 2019 will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from May 23-25.  Read the article»
No author specified, press release, Feb 2019
The JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee has published its first document—“JEP173: Dynamic On-Resistance Test Method Guidelines for GaN HEMT Based Power Conversion Devices,” which is available for free download from the JEDEC website. Read the article»
No author specified, press release, Nov 2018
CURENT, the Center for Ultra-Wide-Area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks, has announced a DOE Traineeship Program for hands-on experiences with wide bandgap power electronics. This program offers fellowships for M.S. or Ph.D students.  Read the article»
No author specified, press release, Oct 2018
A market report by Energias Market Research projects that the wordwide market for GaN semiconductor devices will reach nearly $3 billion in 2024, which represents a CAGR of just over 14%. The firm also reports that while RF devices were dominant in 2017, the power semiconductor devices will grow at the highest rate in the forecast period (2018 to 2024). Read the article»
No author specified, How2Power Today, Oct 2018
The IEEE Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices & Applications (WiPDA) provides a three-day forum for device scientists, circuit designers, & application engineers from IEEE’s Power Electronics & Electron Devices Societies as well as the Power Supply Manufacturers Association to share technology updates, research findings, experience & potential applications. This year’s workshop will be held October 31 through November 2, 2018 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, GA.  Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Sep 2018
Press release announces collaboration between STMicroelectronics and Leti, a research institute, to commercialize GaN-on-silicon technologies for power switching devices, targeting on-board chargers for EVs, wireless charging and servers. Read the article»
No author specified, press release, Jun 2018
ROHM and GaN Systems are collaborating in the GaN power semiconductor business. The companies have agreed to jointly develop form-, fit-, and function-compatible products using GaN semiconductor dies in both GaN Systems’ GaNPX packaging and ROHM’s traditional power semiconductor packaging. Read the article»
No author specified, How2Power Today, Nov 2017
Kyma Technologies has used its new K200 hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) growth tool to produce high-quality 200-mm diameter HVPE GaN on QST templates. According to Kyma’s Keith Evans, this demo overcomes two of the big challenges faced in moving GaN on silicon to 8 inch wafers.  Read the article»
No author specified, press release, Aug 2017
The DoE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) announced $30 million in funding for 21 projects as part of the Creating Innovative and Reliable Circuits Using Inventive Topologies and Semiconductors (CIRCUITS) program. CIRCUITS projects leverage a new class of efficient, lightweight, and reliable power converters based on wide- bandgap semiconductor technology. Read the article»
David G. Morrison, How2Power Today, Jul 2017
A new development in space electronics is the qualification of GaN power devices. This preview of the NSREC 2017 expo mentions GaN power devices such as Intersil’s Low-Side GaN FET Driver with GaN FET and Freebird Semiconductor’s eGaN switching power HEMTs. (The followup to this article, “More Power News From NSREC 2017,” How2Power Today, August 2017 issue, mentions Peregrine Semiconductor’s qualifying GaN FETs from GaN Systems for space.) Read the article»
No author specified, press release, Jun 2017
ARPA-E’s PNDIODES (Power Nitride Doping Innovation Offers Devices Enabling SWITCHES) program seeks to develop transformational advances in the process of selective area doping in the wide-bandgap semiconductor, gallium nitride, and its alloys. This announcement discusses the companies and projects being funded. Read the article»
no author specified, press release, Jun 2017
John Deere and the DoE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory have co-developed a 200-kW 1050-Vdc silicon carbide-based inverter that will convert vehicle engine power into electrical power to run hybrid motors in heavy duty construction vehicles. Read the article»
Alex Lidow, How2Power Today, May 2017
Wireless charging has not seen widespread consumer acceptance. But according to Alex Lidow of Efficient Power Conversion, that’s about to change with the emergence of the AirFuel standard, class D amplifiers employing eGaN FETs, and a recently developed innovative approach to the design of transmission coils. The new products now being developed go beyond the power and distance limitations of the older inductively coupled, wireless charging technology and should usher in a new generation of wirelessly powered (rather than wirelessly charged) electronic devices and appliances. Read the article»
No author specified, press release, May 2017
X-FAB Silicon Foundries and Exagan have demonstrated the capability to mass produce high- voltage GaN power devices on 200-mm GaN-on-silicon wafers using X-FAB’s standard CMOS production facility in Dresden, Germany. Read the article»
David G. Morrison , How2Power Today, Apr 2017
GaN power semiconductor developments were among the highlights at the APEC 2017 conference. These included TI’s ac-to-point-of-load GaN-based demo, news of a standard GaN process offering from silicon foundry TSMC, and news of GaN’s early successes. Read the article»
no author specified, Semiconductor Today, Feb 2017
At SUNY Polytechnic Institute's Albany NanoTech Complex, the New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (NY-PEMC) fabricated a SiC-based patterned wafer for the first time using its 150-mm SiC production line. This is considered an important milestone in NY_PEMC’s effort to put 6-inch SiC wafers into production.  Read the article»
press release, no author specified, Oct 2016
CISSOID is collaborating with Data Device, and with its subsidiary Beta Transformer Technology, to develop more compact and reliable SiC MOSFET intelligent power modules for aerospace power converters and motor control. Read the article»
Adam Vašíček and Alexander James Young, How2Power Today, Dec 2015
You've heard about gallium nitride (GaN) transistors' superior performance, and you are excited. The samples finally arrive, and you put them onto your board. You turn on the power, you bring up the load, and you see--no better performance than before. Worse, you have switching problems that didn't previously exist. These transistors are no good. What a sham. What is all the buzz about? Is it possible you are missing something? In this commentary, Adam Vašíček and Alexander James Young discuss misconceptions about GaN power transistors, important differences between these devices and the silicon power transistors, and why GaN devices should not be used as drop-in replacements for silicon power transistors. As the authors explain, systems need to be designed around the new GaN transistors in order to take advantage of their special characteristics.  Read the article»
Sujit Banerjee, Kevin Matocha, and Kiran Chatty from Monolith Semiconductor, Oct 2015
By manufacturing SiC MOSFETs on 150-mm (6-inch) CMOS silicon lines, fabless start-up Monolith Semiconductor plans to lower the cost of SiC MOSFETs to that of silicon IGBTs within five to eight years. The recent availability of high-quality 6-inch SiC substrates and epitaxial wafers makes this possible. But then compatible SiC processes are also needed. As the authors explain "by adopting properly designed process integration techniques and introducing a few SiC-specific tools, it is possible to fabricate SiC MOSFETs in silicon CMOS fabs with the same set of tools and processes that are used for processing silicon wafers at high volumes." This article discusses Monolith Semiconductor's plans and the factors that will drive down the cost of making SiC MOSFETs. Customer concerns over device reliability such as gate-oxide lifetime and high-temperature threshold voltage stability are also discussed along with the results of reliability tests conducted so far.  Read the article»
Kevin Parmenter, How2Power Today , Apr 2015
At this year's Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2015) in Charlotte, N.C., I was once again honored and privileged to moderate the rap session on wide-bandgap semiconductors. This is the third year this topic has been included among the three Tuesday night rap sessions and this was possibly the most popular of the three sessions as the room was filled to capacity with approximately 450 individuals. Free unlimited beer helped fuel the session and keep things lively. Although the wide- bandgap topic was being revisited, the treatment of the subject has been evolving. The theme this year was "Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices in Power Electronics:Who, What, Where, When and Why?" Moreover, the focus narrowed to address just gallium nitride (GaN) because there is a widely held belief is that silicon carbide (SiC) is further along in finding its way and entering mainstream applications, especially in the higher voltage areas. The distinguished panelists this year included the usual representatives of semiconductor device manufacturers but also some representation from the power supply field with practicing design engineers in the group. Read the article»
Suman Datta, How2Power Today, Jan 2015
The IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) is considered the pre-eminent forum for reporting technological breakthroughs in the areas of semiconductor and electronic device technology, design, manufacturing, physics, and modeling. IEDM is the flagship conference for nanometer-scale CMOS transistor technology and much more. At the recent 2014 edition of this conference, power devices were among the topics receiving increased emphasis. The power devices discussed at IEDM not only encompassed silicon and compound semiconductors but also a wide range of voltage ratings to address even some of the highest-power applications.  Read the article»
Kenji Tsuda, Semiconductor Engineering, Sep 2014
This short article discusses the development of SiC power semiconductors in Japan, particularly the recent efforts by companies such as Loam and later Mitsubishi Denki, Fuji Denki, and Denso to develop components. These companies have lagged Cree and Infineon in bringing parts to market. Some actual applications for the Japanese companies'chips are mentioned. There are also some awkwardkly worded descriptions of the benefits of SiC power devices and technology. Read the article»
Richard Stevenson, Compound Semiconductor, Jul 2014
At the CS Mantech conference held May 2014, researchers presented findings on GaN HEMT reliability testing and material quality. This article discusses those findings, starting with shortcomings of reliability testing including potential errors in estimating device lifetimes based on accelerated testing and too-small sample sizes. Also discussed are a survey of published results for MTTF for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs grown on SiC and related issues such as activation energies and failure mechanisms. With regard to material quality, this article reports on a structural degradation mechanism that leads to development of electrical pits close to the surface of devices; the use of a transmission electron microscope to identify point defects in HEMT structures; and a study of electron and hole traps in n-type GaN grown on various substrates.  Read the article»
no author specified, Compound Semiconductor, Jul 2014
Consisting of more than 100 companies led by GE , plus university researchers from the state, the New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (NY-PEMC) aims to develop low-cost, 6-inch silicon carbide (SiC) wafers. In addition to advancing SiC technology, the partnership is expected “to create thousands of new jobs in upstate New York,” according to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who announced the consortium. Read the article»
no author specified, Compound Semiconductor, Jul 2014
A market report by Yole Developpement forecasts a CAGR of 80% over the 2016 to 2020 period for sales of GaN-based power semiconductor devices. After some brief discussion of the currently available 200-V GaN on silicon devices, this short article on Yole's report discusses the status of 600-V GaN HEMTs, which are said to be at least a year away from being qualified. This article describes expectations regarding target applications for the 600-V GaN devices, competing technologies like SiC MOSFETs, technical issues, pricing issues, and the need for multiple sources. This article also identifies key suppliers including some start-ups.  Read the article»
no author specified,, Jan 2014
President Obama announced the selection of North Carolina State University to lead a consortium of 7 universities and laboratories and 18 companies, which comprise this manufacturing innovation institute for next generation power electronics. The goal of this institute is “to invent and manufacture wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor-based power electronics that are cost-competitive and 10 times more powerful than current silicon-based technology on the market.” In addition to describing the goals of this new organization and naming its members, this fact sheet offers an introduction to widebandgap semiconductors (including a short video and poster) for the lay man, explaining the energy savings and other benefits promised by widebandgap semiconductors in the targeted applications. Read the article»
Howard Sin, Power Systems Design, Nov 2013
This short article describes the benefits of a GaN power transistor developed by Panasonic. The Gate-Injection Transistor (GIT) technology on silicon substrate is used to fabricate a normally off device that eliminates the need for cascode structures and whose design prevents current collapse, allowing operation at high voltage. (The device has been tested up to 800 V.) The article explains current collapse; describes the GIT structure, how it works and how (in broad strokes) it overcomes current collapse. There is a comparison of FOM for the normally-off GIT GaN with that of a silicon MOSFET and the demonstration of the GaN transistor in a high efficiency 1-kW dc-dc converter is noted (See pages 18-21 of source PDF.) Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Oct 2013
After months of sampling its 650-V normally-off source-switched FETs (SSFETs), RF Micro Devices (RFMD) plans to ramp up production of these devices by early next year and the company has readied a boost circuit evaluation board to help designers evaluate these parts. The company is also developing another eval board incorporating a totem pole power factor correction (PFC) circuit, which is expected to be launched at APEC 2014. RFMD is also readying new members in the 650-V GaN family with a 1200-V version on the roadmap. Meanwhile, Efficient Power Conversion has extended its family of high-speed, high-performance eGaN FETs with the addition of third-generation devices with switching transition speeds in the sub-nanosecond range. The recently released EPC8000 devices are capable of hard switching above 10 MHz. Bindra discusses these and other GaN power developments in this month’s column. Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Sep 2013
With the advent of 600-V and higher-voltage gallium nitride (GaN) based power devices, including diodes, manufacturers are developing GaN-based power modules that promise to overcome the limitations of bipolar and IGBT modules, which are bulky with large screw terminals and high-voltage spacing. It is observed that these conventional IGBT and bipolar modules limit performance in terms of speed, efficiency and density. Because high-voltage GaN-based power transistors and diodes offer faster switching, higher efficiency, and better power density, GaN power modules must overcome the limitations of bipolar and IGBT modules to realize the full benefits of the new technology. Consequently, GaN-based power devices are seeking new packaging solutions that enable smaller, faster, less lossy, and integrated modules that deliver optimum performance with cost effectiveness. Several applications appear ready to tap the benefits of GaN-based power modules. Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Aug 2013
The properties of wide bandgap materials like silicon carbide (SiC) and the devices derived from it have been well publicized. Because SiC-based transistors and diodes promise substantial performance improvements over their silicon counterparts, these devices are turning out to be very attractive to some power supply designers. However, as some designers in industry have discovered, SiC power transistors are not simple drop-in replacements for their silicon counterparts. The new devices have characteristics that are so different from silicon that transitioning to SiC components in power conversion designs is not a simple task. The changeover to SiC requires a thorough understanding of the device properties in order to fully tap their performance benefits. What’s more, if these devices are not implemented correctly in the end system, they could turn out to be a pain instead of a desirable solution. In this column, Bindra shares the insights of engineers in industry on the challenges of making the switch to SiC power transistors. Read the article»
John Roberts, GaN Systems, Aug 2013
This short article explains why many of the emerging players in the GaN power semiconductor field are adopting the cascode configuration to implement the emerging GaN power devices of the high-voltage variety (about 600 V). Rather than offering these lateral GaN HEMTs as discrete transistors, companies are co-packaging them with low-voltage silicon MOSFETs and offering them as modules. This is done for ease of use, which the author explains in terms of lessons learned with low-voltage GaN transistors and by citing specific device characteristics. But the most interesting passage in this article may be the specs comparison of a 50-milliohm, 650-V GaN cascode device with a 50-milliohm, 600-V superjunction silicon MOSFET pair. The article concludes with a description of the GaN cascode power device’s two quadrant operation, also noting the value of this capability in the bridgeless totem pole PFC topology.  Read the article»
John Roberts, Bodo's Power Systems, Jul 2013
Tempted by market opportunities, GaN device vendors are rushing high-voltage (600 V) GaN power transistors to market under a veil of secrecy and without fully addressing all the technical issues. In this insightful commentary, the author discusses GaN voltage ratings in light of industry experience with SiC devices, and how it suggests the need for greater derating of parts until the technology matures. The author also explains why blocking voltage (as determined by leakage current limits) establishes the true voltage rating for a device. Also discussed are the following market or industry requirements: an improved cascode circuit using GaN devices rather silicon SJ MOSFETs; slew-rate control; hybrid integration using QFN packaging; a standardized package with source sense connection and minimized loop inductance; and standards for device qualification. Though the author is with GaN Systems, he cites the opinions of authorities at other GaN companies and other vendors’ developments.  Read the article»
Alex Lidow, Power Electronics World, Jun 2013
The title and deck suggest this article is about the benefits of eliminating the package for GaN power HEMTs. Actually, it’s the story of the eGaN FET and one of its creators, Alex Lidow. This is part technical history, part memoir, with interesting details about why, where, when and who developed this technology. The story takes us all the way back to Lidow’s time as a grad student at Stanford through his development of the silicon power MOSFET at International Rectifier and his many years there. Lidow relates the lessons learned along the way and how they were brought to bear in developing the enhancement-mode, lateral GaN HEMTs at Efficient Power Conversion (EPC). Lidow recounts the founding of EPC, the early development of the eGaN FETs (what EPC calls their HEMTs), details about these devices, and EPC’s efforts in bringing them to market. Yes, you’ll also learn why they offer their transistors in a “package-less” LGA format, and other technical decisions. But it’s the personal story behind these decisions that makes this an interesting read. Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Jun 2013
Since gallium nitride (GaN) based power devices have a vast potential to grow in usage, this market opportunity continues to attract more new suppliers. As a result, the list of manufacturers of GaN technology based power devices is steadily expanding. In this column, Bindra uncovers more players who have entered the GaN power arena to join the pioneers International Rectifier and Efficient Power Conversion. With the addition of newcomers like GaN Systems, NXP Semiconductors, ON Semiconductor, Panasonic, and Toshiba there are now some dozen or so GaN device manufacturers who are either in the production phase or are planning to take their GaN-based power devices to production. That list is presented here in a unique table listing GaN device suppliers and the types of devices they offer Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, May 2013
While the power electronics market performed poorly last year with a 20% decline in revenues, the silicon carbide (SiC) device market exhibited a 38% increase. Looking ahead, market research firm Yole Développement is predicting SiC devices will grow at a 30% CAGR between 2015 and 2020 with the SiC device market crossing the $600 million mark by 2020. In this column, Bindra discusses the applications that are driving this growth as well as the growth in the number of SiC device and wafer suppliers. Tables provided here list these companies and the types of components and wafers they are offering.  Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Apr 2013
In last month’s column, Bindra reported on the silicon carbide-based devices and solutions featured in the technology showcase of ARPA-E’s Energy Innovation Summit. In this issue, he discusses the gallium nitride (GaN) based devices and solutions exhibited by companies such as Delphi, HRL Laboratories, and Transphorm as well as universities such as MIT and Virginia Tech. These exhibits illustrate how the development of GaN power semiconductors is enabling creation of highly advanced power converters for electric vehicles, LED lighting, solar power, and other applications. Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Mar 2013
The U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has been holding its Energy Innovation Summit for the past three years. At this year’s event, some promising silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) based devices and solutions were highlighted in the summit’s technology showcase. Among the companies and R&D institutions exhibiting ARPA-E funded ultra-high voltage SiC achievements were GeneSiC Semiconductor, Silicon Power, and Cree. These firms are exploiting the advantages of silicon carbide to create novel thyristors and IGBTs that promise to dramatically improve the power electronics developed for grid applications. Meanwhile, another ARPA-E awardee, Arkansas Power Electronics International, displayed its highly integrated SiC modules for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Feb 2013
Recently there has been much discussion about the emergence of gallium nitride (GaN) based FETs and diodes. With improvements in processing, power devices based on this new material have moved from research to the production floor. In this column, Bindra describes how that reality will be reflected on the exhibit floor of the upcoming APEC conference. As Bindra reports, power supply and motor drive demos will signal the entry of high-performance system products based on these wide-bandgap power devices. Suppliers like Transphorm and Efficient Power Conversion will give attendees a closer look at what is here today in terms of real world power products. Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Jan 2013
This year’s Advanced Power Electronics Conference (APEC) will shed new light on recent progress in silicon, as well as compound semiconductor devices. It will kick off with plenary talks from B. Jayant Baliga and other authorities addressing a number of power semiconductor developments. Of particular interest is Baliga’s talk, which will focus on the IGBT’s role in creating a sustainable world-wide society with improved living standards. In addition, in the industry and lecture sessions, presentations on gallium nitride (GaN) FETs and silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs will look beyond what is available today and discuss the emerging applications facilitated by these devices. Bindra previews some of the more interesting talks here.  Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Dec 2012
It may take some time before the emerging gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) based power FETs enter the mainstream power conversion space. But in the meantime, a handful of emerging applications are poised to tap the benefits of this promising power technology, as Bindra explains in this column. Here he discusses some of the emerging applications that are exploiting the attributes of GaN technology such as wireless power transmission, RF envelope tracking, rad hard satellite and avionics power supplies, light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems, and high-stepdown-ratio buck converters.  Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Nov 2012
An important development in the commercialization of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) power technology is the introduction of power modules based on these technologies. One such device from Cree is among the new SiC and GaN power products that were unveiled at the Electronica show last week in Munich. In this column, Bindra reports on this all-SiC module as well as other SiC devices introduced at the show. He also discusses Fujitsu Semiconductor’s claim of a 2.5-kW server power supply built using the company’s GaN on silicon devices and the vendor’s plans to take its GaN power devices to full production in the second half of 2013. Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Oct 2012
Despite gains made in silicon carbide (SiC) technology, it continues to represent a very small percentage of the overall power semiconductor market. By some accounts, it could be less than 1%. But, going forward, the situation looks a lot brighter. With both SiC MOSFETs and diodes now available, and wafer makers continuing to deliver high-quality substrate materials while increasing the diameter, SiC is poised for rapid growth in the next five to ten years as usage proliferates in applications ranging from PFCs and UPSs to solar inverters to EVs/HEVs, motor drives, and others. Read the article»
Philip Zuk, Director of Market Development, High-Voltage Group, Vishay Siliconix, Jun 2012
Many are trying to forecast the impact of SiC and GaN technology on the power semiconductor market. This article, which is written by a supplier of silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs (with no SiC or GaN at the time of publication), aims to reassure engineers that SiC and GaN transistors will not supplant silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs. Instead, both old and new technologies will co-exist. It argues that the silicon technologies offer ruggedness, pricing and performance that will continue to keep them relevant in the face of new SiC and GaN introductions. Spread across 10 printed pages, this online article contains much interesting technical information including descriptions and comparisons of planar and SJ silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs, tradeoffs in their design, and their applications; characteristics of SiC and GaN materials; issues surrounding manufacturing of SiC and GaN power devices (mainly substrate issues), pricing and more. Much of this technical discussion should still be relevant, except for the descriptions of available SiC and GaN devices. Given the many GaN product introductions in the past few years, that information is out of date.  Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, May 2012
In Bindra’s last column, he wrote about the growing list of suppliers of gallium nitride (GaN) based power devices, both transistors and diodes. In this issue, he adds one more to the list—RF Micro Devices (RFMD) and discusses the technology they recently announced at PCIM Europe. At this event, the RF semiconductor supplier unwrapped its newest GaN process technology called rGaN-HV, optimized for high-voltage, high-power devices for power conversion applications.  Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Mar 2012
Although, gallium nitride (GaN) power technology and devices have been in development for the last few years, production has been rather slow because of factors such as cost, reliability, capacity and too few suppliers. But according to a report by market research firm Yole Développement, the market for GaN-based power devices is poised for rapid growth in just a few years as new suppliers go from device qualification to production ramp up. In this column, Bindra discusses Yole’s forecast for the GaN wafer and device markets, identifies the growing pool of suppliers, and looks at the possible impact of some key applications. Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, May 2011
For the last few years, we have heard a lot about the benefits of gallium nitride (GaN) technology and the virtues of GaN-based power FETs and HEMTs. The reliability of these transistors has also been improving significantly, while the cost factor has been declining as developers migrate to larger silicon substrates. In this column, Bindra examines recent GaN product developments from established and new suppliers. He also identifies the companies that are expected to soon join the supplier base as the technology moves up in voltage to address a wider range of applications. Bindra also looks at how the new GaN power devices are faring in the marketplace by discussing some of the applications where product manufacturers have begun to adopt these components as silicon replacements.  Read the article»
Ashok Bindra, How2Power Today, Apr 2011
This year represents a turning point for SiC power technology as commercial power transistors have emerged to complement SiC Schottky diodes, which have been around for a few years now. Targeting applications requiring breakdown voltages of 600 V and above, manufacturers have begun to commercialize high-voltage SiC power transistors. At the same time, new players have announced entry into this space where designers are exploring every angle to get the next level of improvement in energy efficiency with a higher degree of ruggedness and the ability to withstand much higher temperatures. In this column, Bindra explores recent activity in SiC development that is giving these devices a new boost.  Read the article»
Press release, no author specified, Sep 2008
Press release from International Rectifier announces the company’s development of gallium nitride (GaN)-based power device technology, using the company’s GaN-on-silicon epitaxial technology. This is one of the power semi industry’s early GaN announcements. Prototypes would be shown at that year’s Electronica show. Read the article»

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SiC and GaN Power Books

Fundamentals of Silicon Carbide Technology: Growth, Characterization, Devices and Applications, Tsunenobu Kimoto, James A. Cooper, IEEE Press-Wiley, ISBN 978-1-118-31352-7, glossy hardback, 538 pages, 2014.
Reviewed by Dennis Feucht, How2Power Today, June 2012
This book is obviously about the new and emerging silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor technology. While SiC (and also GaN) are emphasized in it as semiconductor materials, the book also has good general coverage of semiconductor electronics, beginning with crystal structure and developing through solid-state physics, device processes and processing, semiconductor diodes, BJTs, power JFETs, IGBTs, MOSFETs, MESFETs, conductivity-modulated FETs or COMFETs and other types. The devices are explained in gratifying detail, which is something that may also be said of the authors’ treatment of other topics ranging from wafer and device fabrication to defect characterization to device modeling and circuit applications. Read the review»

GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion, First Edition by Alex Lidow, Johan Strydom, Michael de Rooij, and Yanping Ma, with a forward by Sam Davis.
Reviewed by Dennis Feucht, How2Power Today, June 2012
Enhancement-mode gallium-nitride (eGaN) MOSFETs are now transitioning from research to commercial use and, given their characteristics, are bound to be of major significance to power electronics engineers. Among their most-notable attributes: they are fast. This book offers an introduction to eGaN MOSFETs, which are devices that have been brought to market by Efficient Power Conversion (EPC.) While this text is by no means complete, it offers readers a good first step in learning about an important new power device. Read the review»

SiC and GaN Technology Roadmaps

This is a summary of PowerAmerica’s updated wide bandgap technology roadmap, version 4.1, published in February 2019. It includes “the introductory sections of the roadmap, including executive summary and the background/introduction and market forecast pertaining to silicon carbide and gallium nitride.” Read more»

Within this 26-page PowerPoint presentation from Yole  Développement in April 2013, there are multiple technology roadmaps for SiC and GaN power devices. Slide 4 places expected SiC and GaN developments in the context of 50 years of power device development. Slide 5 shows potential applications for SiC and GaN  arranged by power levels . Slide 7 indicates the involvement of the top 23 power semi suppliers in SiC and GaN. Slide 11 charts the status of SiC device makers in bringing products to mass production. Slide 14 charts SiC device penetration into various applications. Slide 16 charts the status of GaN-on-Si device makers  in bringing products to mass production. Slide 18 charts GaN product introductions by vendor. Slide 19 charts implementation of GaN materials in power electronics applications. Slide 21 (much discussed at APEC 2013) projects the positioning of SiC, GaN and silicon MOSFETs by voltage and solution type. Slide 22 charts SiC power device market size by application. Slide 23 charts GaN device market size by application. Read more»

The R&D Partnership for Future Power Electronics Technology (FUPET),  an alliance of industry and academic organizations working to develop silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor technology, has developed this roadmap projecting developments of SiC wafers, devices, and systems through 2020 and beyond. On the same page, you’ll also find a low loss inverter development roadmap. Read more»

Not a roadmap in the conventional sense of a chart, this ECCE 2009 conference paper by Cree engineers discusses efforts spearheaded by U.S. Air Force Research Lab, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, and DARPA to develop high-power and/or high-voltage SiC power modules using Cree’s silicon carbide die in combination with Powerex’s module technology. First, a 1.2-kV, 100-A all-SiC half H-bridge, high-temperature power module is described with performance compared to a silicon IGBT module. Then, the paper discusses development of a 1.2-kV, 880-A SiC power module, which is described as “one of the first SiC modules with a power rating of 1 MW” and also as a “stepping stone” to development of  a SiC MOSFET module with a 1600-A rating (2 MW). Finally, the paper describes a 10-kV, 50-A SiC dual power switch module being developed for application in a solid-state power substation. Read more»

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