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- ZVS Flyback Architecture Enables 70-W Output For AC-DC Converters Without PFC
- Modern Control Methods For LLC Converters Simplify Compensator Design

It’s a search tool that offers convenient access to hundreds of articles on power conversion and power management topics. The Design Guide search results include exclusive article summaries and "how to" analysis to speed your search for information related to power supply and power system design.


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  • A Guide To Designing Your Own Rogowski Sensor (Part 2)
  • Characterizing Dynamic COSS Losses in 600-V GaN HEMTs
  • Designing An Open-Source Power Inverter (Part 17): Transformer Winding Design For the Battery Converter — Alternative Configurations


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Vicor radiation-tolerant power solutions enable today’s LEO/MEO satellites

New LEO and MEO satellites are equipped with breakthrough digital payload electronics and require high-density, high-efficiency, low-noise power delivery networks (PDNs), particularly for their advanced networking ASICs and higher power processor engines. These power delivery solutions must also tolerate total ionizing dose (TID) radiation and single event effects (SEE). Vicor radiation-tolerant power modules enable the ideal Power Delivery Network (PDN) for today’s LEO and MEO satellites.

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Article: Radiation-tolerant power electronic systems are hard to design

Article: Global connectivity becoming a reality with the help of new, high density, power solutions

Whitepaper: Delivering higher power density and low noise for New Space applications

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